Are strymon pedals worth it?

Are strymon pedals worth it?

In the end, the Strymon BigSky is one of the most gorgeous sounding, versatile reverberators on the market. The price tag might be a lot to swallow, but if you ask me, it’s absolutely worth it. It’s become one of my most-used pedals, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of its functionality.

Where is Eventide made?

Eventide was one of the first companies to manufacture digital audio processors, and its products are mainstays in sound recording and reproduction, post production, and broadcast studios….Eventide, Inc.

Type Private
Headquarters Little Ferry, New Jersey

Where are strymon pedals made?

the USA
All Strymon products are crafted with love in the USA, right in the Los Angeles, California area. All Strymon products are Designed and Built in the USA.

Are strymon pedals the best?

Whether it’s class-leading technology or black magic, one thing we’re all in agreement is Strymon makes some of the best sounding pedals in the effects market today. Unsurprisingly, their best-selling pedal is their powerful do-it-all Timeline delay.

Does strymon BigSky do delay?

The Strymon BigSky is an incredibly advanced and thorough delay box, able to articulate almost kind of ambient tone you can think of. As far as reverb pedals go, the BigSky is the complete package, in a class by itself.

What do Eventide mean?

the time of evening
Definition of eventide : the time of evening : evening.

When was the Eventide H9 released?

And . . . in 2009 Eventide gave many guitarists and keyboardists cause for celebration when they unleashed a rack full of their fan favoured effects in a single, rugged stomp box. In keeping with their own famous naming conventions, that little box of digital supremacy was knighted, “H9”.

Are Strymon pedals the best?

Who makes Strymon?

Damage Control Engineering
Strymon is an American manufacturer of audio equipment, owned by Damage Control Engineering.

Is strymon El capistan analog or digital?

Compare to Similar Best Sellers

This item: Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo Pedal $ 299 .00 + FREE Shipping 44 reviews
Pedal Type Tape Echo
Analog/Digital Digital
Max Delay Time 1.5 seconds
Inputs 1 x 1/4″ (switchable to TRS stereo)

Is Big Sky the best reverb?

Simply put, the BigSky is best-sounding reverb I have ever played and it has all the control you need: MIDI, tons of presets, EXP control over any parameter, you name it. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! The Cab Filter is the unsung hero of the pedal. There are no controls on it but it just sounds GOOD when you go direct.