Can I keep neon tetras with Cardinal Tetras?

Can I keep neon tetras with Cardinal Tetras?

It’s recommended to keep neon tetras in slow-running water to mimic their natural environment. Cardinal tetras are very similar to neon tetras in their care, and they can be kept together in an aquarium. They often even school together!

Are cardinal tetras better than Neons?

Both Tetras will make an excellent addition to an aquarium. If you want to save on price, the Neon Tetra is the better choice. If you are drawn to the vibrantly colored Cardinal Tetras, then you may be willing to budge on price. Whatever you choose, you can be sure they will be a colorful addition to your tank.

What’s the difference between a cardinal and Neon Tetra?

However, there is one very easily identifiable difference. In the Cardinal Tetra, the red stripe on the lower half of the body extends the full length of the fish from the eye area to the tail. In the Neon Tetra, the red stripe starts at mid-body, roughly below the dorsal fin, and extends to the tail.

How many cardinal tetras should I get?

It’s best to keep Cardinal Tetras in groups of at least six. A larger school will help the fish feel confident and help keep it healthy. Throughout the day, the fish will explore the tank and swim together.

Are cardinal tetras hard to keep?

It is also a quiet and peaceful aquarium fish that is easy to socialize with other species. His demands on water are usually associated with typical us water parameters. It’s not hard to keep the Cardinal tetra.

How many cardinal tetras should be kept together?

How big does a Cardinal Tetra get?

about 1.25 inches
Size: In the wild, these fish reach a total length of about 1.25 inches (3 cm) and weigh 0.004 ounce (0.13 gr). Females are slightly larger and wider than males. Behavior: They are a schooling fish that can number into the thousands. Cardinal tetras are active during the day.

Are cardinal tetras difficult to keep?

Cardinal Tetra Care is pretty easy for the most part. This species is not very fussy and can thrive as long as you keep them in the right conditions. That said, many aquarists recommend that you have at least a little prior experience caring for fish before you attempt to raise Cardinal Tetras.

How big does a cardinal tetra get?