Can I use Apollo twin on two computers?

Can I use Apollo twin on two computers?

Up to six UAD-2 / Apollo devices can be registered to a single system within your account, and all the devices registered to a single system can use the plug-in licenses within that system.

Can you use a UAD satellite without an interface?

Re: Can I run UAD plug-ins on Satellite without UA interface? Kwackman wrote: I’m not sure if this clears anything up for you. Sadly it does not. Thanks for searching.

What does the UAD-2 satellite do?

What is the UAD-2 Satellite? UAD-2 Satellite is a FireWire 800/400 DSP accelerator that runs the growing library of UAD Powered Plug-Ins. UAD plug-ins are widely recognized as the highest quality tools for mixing and mastering, with an emphasis on emulations of classic analog gear.

Can you use UAD plug-ins without hardware?

Here’s the list of all the UAD plugins without hardware you can run: Brainworx Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor. Softube’s Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier. Softube’s ChandlerLimited Curve Bender Mastering EQ.

How many UAD satellites can you daisy chain?

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt can daisy chain with up to six Thunderbolt 1 and/or Thunderbolt 2 devices.

How many devices can you have on one UAD account?

six UAD-2 devices
The UAD Authorization System Accounts are organized by “System” and each System can contain up to six UAD-2 devices. Plug-ins are authorized by System and licenses are applied to all devices in the System to which they are registered.

How many plugins can you run on a UAD-2?

You can combine up to six UAD-2 DSP Accelerators within the same system, depending on your available Thunderbolt/FireWire/USB ports and/or PCIe slots bandwidth. Doing so will let you run even more UAD‑2 Powered Plug‑Ins at the same time.

Can you use UAD plugins without DSP?

Unfortunately, no. UAD plugins are only processed by Apollo/UAD-2 DSP Accelerator inside of UAD devices.

Can UAD plugins run natively?

If you own one of UA’s Volt audio interfaces, meanwhile, you can try Spark free for a month. It’s also worth noting that, if you’re a UAD hardware owner and have already purchased a perpetual license of a UAD plugin featured in Spark, you’ll get the native version for free (no subscription required).

Can I use Apollo with another interface?

Although less common, it also possible to use your Apollo as a front end when using another interface as your primary device.

How many Apollos can you chain?

One of the biggest strengths of Universal Audio’s Apollo line of Thunderbolt interfaces is the fact that the driver will seamlessly aggregate (allow you to simultaneously use) up to four units. As far as your computer is concerned, it is just one big interface.