Can you put Jeyes Fluid down toilet?

Can you put Jeyes Fluid down toilet?

Can the Jeyes Drain Unblocker be used indoors to unblock kitchen/bathroom pipes? No, the product is too strong for indoor use, we would recommend Easy Sink & Pipe Unblocker instead.

What is Jeyes Fluid Good For?

Jeyes Fluid Outdoor Cleaning Fluid kills 99.9% of bacteria and cleans paths, patios, decking and cleans & deodorise drains. It can also be used on plant pots, containers, seed trays, hanging baskets, greenhouses, garden tools, as well as animal housing and much more. Use Biocides Safely.

Who makes Jeyes Fluid?

JEYES GROUP is a popular household brand and manufacturers of the original JEYES FLUID disinfectant, first patented in 1887!

Do you mix Jeyes Fluid with hot or cold water?

Mixing Jeyes Fluid with boiling water, Ali used a scrubbing brush to clean all the staging, removing all the dirt and disinfecting the surfaces. For the floor, boiling water mixed with Jeyes Fluid, in a watering can, is poured onto the stone and slabs to remove algae and dirt.

Why have they changed Jeyes fluid?

It is claimed that the revamped bottle will be more environmentally friendly than the heritage tin bottle. It is also lighter to reduce transport emissions and removes a layer of factory manufacturing and pollution. Meanwhile, the product itself can now be used on more surfaces.

Is Jeyes fluid harmful?

Ingestion Harmful if swallowed. Skin contact Harmful in contact with skin. Irritating to skin. May cause sensitisation by skin contact.

Do you need to dilute Jeyes Fluid?

Dilute 150ml Jeyes Fluid to every 5 litres of water, applying sufficient solution to thoroughly wet the affected surfaces. Allow 30 minutes for Jeyes Fluid to work and then rinse off with water and scrub with brush. For light coloured aggregate, dilute 50ml product with 5 litres of water, in order to avoid staining.

Is Jeyes Fluid the same as bleach?

Hi Millie, Jeyes fluid is a very strong type of Bleach ,so if you cant find the former next time you are Aldi or Lidl you can buy their bleach its a lot cheaper.

Who owns Jeyes group?

Henkel is based in Düsseldorf and already owns a range of other home care brands. SVPGlobal Funds owns a majority of Jeyes equity, having first invested in the company in 2011.

What is the main product of Jeyes company?

Jeyes Fluid
Jeyes Fluid /ˈdʒeɪz/ is a brand of disinfectant fluid for external use only. The product was patented by John Jeyes in 1877, and granted a Royal Warrant to the British Royal Family in 1896.

Can I put Jeyes fluid down my sink?

Jeyes Drain Unblocker: Eliminates the toughest blockages including fully blocked drains. Is easy to use, simply pour liberally into drain and leave for 30 minutes.

Has Jeyes fluid changed its formula?

Jeyes Fluid, the British cleaning brand founded in 1877, has overhauled its range with the introduction of a new recyclable plastic bottle and updated formula. It is claimed that the revamped bottle will be more environmentally friendly than the heritage tin bottle.