Can you wear shoes at Wild Waves?

Can you wear shoes at Wild Waves?

Shoes, hats, and jewelry are prohibited on rides. No t-shirts or cover-ups may be worn when it will affect the safety of the ride or the ability to swim in water over three feet deep.

Can you wear flip flops to Wild Waves?

Of course, you’ll need a swimsuit for Wild Waves. Shoes are not allowed on water attractions, but they are required for the theme park rides. Easy slip on waterproof sandals work well—flip-flops are fine, but you’ll have to take them off on some rides like the Hang Glider and the Soaring Eagle or they may fly off!

What rides are open at Wild Waves?

Timberhawk – Ride of Prey
Klondike Gold RusherEnchanted RailwayWild ThingRing of Fire
Wild Waves Theme and Water Park/Rides

Does Six Flags own wild waves?

Opened in 1977 as The Enchanted Village (with its accompanying water park, Wild Waves, opening in 1984), the park is a popular summer destination in the Pacific Northwest and is one of three waterparks in Washington state….Wild Waves Theme Park.

Status Operating
Opened 1977
Owner EPR Properties
Operated by Premier Parks, LLC

Does wild adventures take cash?

Accepted payment types are debit card, credit card, cash, and organizational checks. No personal checks are accepted. Parking for cars, trucks, and vans is $12 each. Only bus drivers receive complimentary parking.

How Old Is Wild Waves?

Wild Waves Theme & Water Park Turns 40! Originally opened in 1977 with just six rides, Wild Waves Theme & Water Park now spans 70 acres including more than 50 thrilling rides and attractions, four roller coasters and a huge water park with 500,000-gallon wave pool.

Will wild waves be open this year?

1977Wild Waves Theme and Water Park / Opened

How tall is brain drain at Wild Waves?

85-foot tall
Brain Drain An 85-foot tall tower ride that will propel you up, then drop you with forces equivalent to 3 G’s!

How fast is the Wild Thing Wild Waves?

50-60 mph
The track is fast, relatively smooth (for a wooden coaster—expect some jostling as it’s part of the experience) and served up plenty of air time. Speed: 50-60 mph (but feels faster!)

How Big Is Wild Waves?

70 acresWild Waves Theme and Water Park / Area

Does Oregon have an amusement park?

There aren’t a lot of amusement parks or water parks in Oregon. And the ones that are open aren’t particularly big, nor are they part of any major park chains. But like many other things in the state, they are homegrown and a bit quirky.