Does Akebono make brake calipers?

Does Akebono make brake calipers?

Brake products Akebono’s range of brake pad products includes front calipers, rear calipers with or without integral parking brakes, and drum brakes for both service and parking applications.

Who makes Akebono calipers?

(曙ブレーキ工業, Akebono Burēki Kōgyō) is a Japanese manufacturer of brake components for automobiles, motorcycles, trains, and industrial machinery….Akebono Brake Industry.

Native name 曙ブレーキ工業
Revenue JPY 281.3 billion (FY 2015) (US$ 2.44 billion) (FY 2015)
Number of employees 9,238 (consolidated, as of March 2016)

Are Akebono brakes worth it?

Akebono Is One Of The Best Aftermarket Brake Brands On The Market. There are some aftermarket brake pads that don’t deliver as much value as OE pads. There are some aftermarket brake pads that are leaps and bounds better than OE products. The best way to end up with a better pad is to go with a reputable brand.

What are Akebono calipers?

High-Performance Cars. Akebono develops and manufactures opposed piston type 10-pot brake calipers and 6-pot brake calipers for high-performance cars. These brakes have been used for high-performance cars manufactured by European manufacturers.

Where is Akebono made?

the United States
Akebono operates R&D technical centers in the United States, Japan and France and manufactures brake friction materials and components around the globe, with 30 wholly owned or affiliated facilities, including two production facilities in Kentucky and one in Mexico.

How do I know if I have an Akebono caliper?

Another way to tell the difference between the two types is to look at the back of the caliper and check the casting numbers on them. The Akebono calipers will have casting number 4802 on them. The ATE Calipers will have casting number 4835.