Does Smuckers Magic Shell need to be refrigerated?

Does Smuckers Magic Shell need to be refrigerated?

If topping becomes thick and does not flow easily, or if oil separation occurs, run the bottle under hot tap water for up to 2 minutes, shaking occasionally. Do not refrigerate. If refrigerated or stored in a cool place, magic shell topping will harden.

How does Smuckers Magic Shell work?

The ‘Magic’ in the Shell When you emulsify coconut oil with melted chocolate, the mixture remains a stable liquid at room temperature. But as soon as you drizzle it over ice cream it chills down fast, and within 30 seconds it hardens into a snappy shell.

Is Magic Shell discontinued?

Smucker’s on Twitter: “@platedemerald Our Cherry Magic Shell flavor was discontinued in 2011.

What makes Smuckers Magic Shell Harden?

How Does Magic Shell Work? The secret ingredient in Magic shell is coconut oil. It’s simply a combination of chocolate and coconut oil (fat) that hardens into a solid, shiny shell when poured over cold ice cream. It soon becomes dull in appearance, but the effect is incredibly satisfying.

How long does Magic Shell last?

The magic shell can be kept at room temperature, in a covered container, for up to 6 months. Stir (or shake gently) before using.

What flavors of Magic Shell are there?

It comes in several flavours, including chocolate, caramel, chocolate fudge, cupcake, cherry, and smores in addition to two unique flavours—One with chocolate, caramel, and pecans, which the company calls “Turtle Delight”, and a flavour based upon the candy bars Twix, Hersheys, and Reeses.

Who makes Magic Shell?

Magic Shell is a dessert product produced by Smucker’s in the US, originally created as Ice Magic by Cottees in Australia, and sold in the UK as Bird’s Ice Magic. It is a syrup that quickly hardens into a crispy shell when poured onto a cold surface, which is the origin of the product’s name.

Can you use Magic Shell on popcorn?

When the Magic Shell hardened, I broke up the clumps of popcorn and we each had a bunch of it. Wow! So easy and so tasty. There’s plenty leftover to have it again tomorrow.

What happens if you refrigerate Magic Shell?

If refrigerated or stored in a cool place, Magic Shell topping will harden.

What does adding butter to melted chocolate do?

Adding butter to chocolate not only improves the taste, but also the texture. What is this? Butter is added to chocolate to provide extra fat and so that the chocolate mixes even better with any other additional ingredients. Furthermore, it can be used to release seized chocolate and thin out liquified chocolate.

Why is my melted chocolate not hardening?

A: It could be that your room temperature is too high. Candies need to be dipped and then left to set in a room that is between 65 and 68 F. It could also be that the chocolate wasn’t tempered. Untempered chocolate takes quite a bit longer to set.