How big is the Jubilee Pool?

How big is the Jubilee Pool?

Jubilee Pool is the largest and most celebrated sea water pool in the UK. It is triangular with the longest side 98m long and 56m width in the widest part. The main pool depths range from approx. 0.9m to 2.25m depending on the tides.

How deep is the Jubilee Pool in Penzance?

0.9m to 2.25m
Jubilee Pool Temperature and Dimensions The main pool ranges from 0.9m to 2.25m in depth, although this is slightly affected by the tide. The kid’s pool is 0.6 metres deep while the geothermal pool ranges from 0.85 to 1.35 metres deep. Combined, all three pools contain in the region of 5 million litres of sea water.

How cold is Jubilee Pool?

They are sea water bathing pools and are usually 1-2 degrees above sea temperature. The geothermal pool is heated to 30-35 degrees.

How is the Jubilee pool heated?

how it works. The system operates by extracting warm water from one geothermal well (410m deep – the height of one and a half Eiffel Towers!!), taking heat out of that water using heat pumps and distributing it to the pool via a heat exchanger, before re-injecting the cooler water back into the ground.

Who owns Jubilee Pool Penzance?

In 2017, the operation of the pool was taken over by Jubilee Pool Penzance Limited, a community run social enterprise in the form of a charitable Community Benefit Society. This enabled the pool to be run for the community by the community.

When was Jubilee Pool built?


Jubilee Pool
Built 1935
Architect Frank Latham
Listed Building – Grade II
Official name Jubilee Pool

How warm is a GeoThermal pool?

Well-engineered geothermal pool heating can maintain year-round temperatures of 85 degrees in a pool, and 104 degrees in a spa. The only electricity consumed in a geothermal pool heating system is used by the compressor and water pumps.

When was Jubilee pool built?

Can you take dogs to Jubilee Pool?

Dogs Swimming – Although owners do not have to accompany their dogs in the pool, you must remain close to them and will still be responsible for their behaviour. Please only allow your dog to swim if you are confident they can and will be safe in the water. Lifeguards will not be expected to perform rescues for dogs.

How old is Jubilee Pool Penzance?

Described as one of the most unusual and pleasingly designed lidos of the era, the Jubilee Pool was designed in the early 1930s by Captain F Latham, the Borough Engineer. The pool was opened with great celebration in May 1935, the year of King George V’s Silver Jubilee.

When was Penzance Lido built?

Jubilee Pool
The lido from the west in 2011
Location Battery Road, Penzance, Cornwall, England
Coordinates 50.114784°N 5.531454°W
Built 1935

Can you swim in a geothermal pool?

In the latest example of how this resource is being harnessed, an outdoor swimming facility in the town of Penzance officially opened a geothermal pool at the end of August. An open air site that allows swimmers to bathe in sea water, the Jubilee Pool is triangular in shape and has been used since 1935.