How can I know my GP 3G or 4G SIM?

How can I know my GP 3G or 4G SIM?

Please dial *121*3232# to find out if your SIM is 4G enabled or not. While taking a new SIM, make sure there is a “U” / 4G sign in the SIM packet.

How can I change my GP 3G to 4G?

By dialing *121*3087# within 30 days of replacement (only once) you will get 5GB 4G free internet, validity 7 days. This offer will not be valid for any Inactive 3G SIM to 4G SIM replacement. This 4G Data can only be used if the customer has a 4G SIM, a 4G Enabled Handset, and is in a 4G Coverage Area.

How I check 3G service in my area?

Another method of checking 3G or 4G coverage in your area is by looking into your phones mobile network coverage.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Wireless and Network.
  • Select Network Setting.
  • Select Advance Setting (Some Androids have it)
  • Select Network Mode.
  • Choose WCDMA/GSM Option and Press OK.
  • Go to Service Providers.

How can I check BSNL 4G in my area?

  1. Find the IMEI Number of your Mobile handset by typing *#06# in dial pad. You will get 15 digit IMEI number, If two IMEI numbers you are getting, then use the first one only.
  2. Send SMS as KYM to 14422.
  3. Immediately you will get a reply to check for BSNL 4G compatibility of your mobile handset.

How can I activate 3G in GP SIM?

How to active Grameenphone 3G Internet Package (All in one)

  1. 1st : Dial 121.
  2. ► speed up to 1Mbps-3Mbps :
  3. • 35 MB@18tk (7 day validity).
  4. • 60MB@22tk (3 day validity).
  5. • 75MB@ 37tk (7 days validity).
  6. • 100MB@56tk (30 days validity).
  7. • 250MB@119tk (28 days validity).
  8. • 500MB@149tk (28 days validity).

How do I activate 4G?

How to activate 4G/LTE on Android OS devices:

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Tap on “More”
  3. Tap on “Mobile network”
  4. Tap on “Preferred network type”
  5. Choose “4G/3G/2G (auto)”

How do I know if my SIM card is 4G?

To know if your Sim is a 4G enabled sim, kindly dial *700# and follow the prompts….

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Select “Wireless and Networks” or “Connections”
  3. Then select “Mobile Network”
  4. Opt for “4G/3G/2G auto” or “GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto”
  5. Select “4G or LTE”

How do I find the best network in my area?

Tiktik App Can Help Find the Best Network in Your Area

  1. Tiktik is a free app that finds the best networks in your area.
  2. It uses data from the TRAI Myspeed app.
  3. The app is well designed and easy to use.

How can I check Jazz 4G signal?

Dial *443*7# to check if your device is 4G compatible.

Is BSNL 3G available?

Which all other operators in India provide 3G services? Only BSNL & MTNL are providing 3G services in India.


VoLTE customers have to upgrade their handset with the latest software provided by their handset manufacturer, If VoLTE customers are using Dual SIM handset, then they are requested use BSNL 4G SIM in the first slot to avail 4G and VoLTE services….

VoLTE Activate Code SMS Sent to

Is this phone 3G or 4G?

On Android smartphones, go to settings > Network settings > mobile network. It should give you a dropdown menu of mobile standards such as 2G, 3G or LTE (4G).