How do I call Optus customer service?

How do I call Optus customer service?

Ask us how on 1800 555 937.

How do I report a fault with Optus?

Once you are safe from the hazard or risk please contact us immediately on our hotline on 1800 505 777 if the issue you wish to report places you or the public at risk.

What is Optus loop?

Optus Loop is a cloud based Unified Communications (UC) suite of products. It has collaboration tools, allows you to Talk, Chat, have video calls and share files over your desktop. You can use Optus Loop with any compatible device from an Optus IP Handset (Yealink) to your desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Are 1300 numbers free Optus?

Optus 13,1300 or 1800 services allow callers to phone your organisation using a single national number at the cost of a local call, or at no charge at all.

Does Optus have a call Centre in Australia?

ÔÇťOptus has customer contact centres in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, India and Philippines that manage both telephone and online customer queries. We monitor all of our contact centres to ensure calls are placed to the right area and that customer queries are answered appropriately.

Does Optus have live chat?

Don’t miss a beat with My Optus app. Pay bills, recharge, live chat, check usage and more.

Why is My Optus internet not working?

Visit Check Network Status > Outages > Fixed Outages to see any known issues with our network in your area. Check your account balance and due date. If it is overdue, your service may be restricted. See Report a payment / restore your service.

Can I keep my number on VoIP?

Can I port my phone number to VoIP? Yes, in all but the rarest of exceptions, it is possible to take your old number with you to a VoIP service. You can even take multiple numbers if you need to. The only real exceptions are numbers with special features, such as ISDN.

Does Optus charge for 1800 numbers?

With an Optus 1800 number service customers can call you at no charge from a fixed line anywhere in Australia. If your customers call your 1300 number or 1800 number from their mobile, the normal mobile call rates apply.