How do I edit text in Balsamiq?

How do I edit text in Balsamiq?

To edit the text, double-click on the control and start typing. Or, if you have the control selected, simply hit ENTER or F2 to start editing. To commit the text you typed, simply click anywhere other than the text field you typed in or hit ENTER or CTRL / ⌘ + ENTER .

Can I insert image in Balsamiq?

You can add your own images to your wireframes by clicking on the plus icon in the property inspector. In Balsamiq, you can directly add images from Flickr and the web to your wireframes. To add an image, click the button with a cloud and an up arrow in the property inspector.

How do I add an image to my Balsamiq wireframe?

Adding Images in Wireframes View

  1. The drop-down box shows you the name of the current image.
  2. The “+” icon next to the drop-down box allows you to add an image from your computer.
  3. Clicking the cloud opens a dialog to add image from the web by entering a URL directly or by searching Flickr.

How do I convert an image to Balsamiq?

You can export your wireframes to image files by selecting the Project > Export… menu option ( CTRL / ⌘ + R ) and then the Images tab from the dialog. From there, you can generate standard PNG files or high resolution ones, depending on your needs.

What is markup in balsamiq?

Markup is a special kind of component type in the UI Library that is used for adding annotations, comments, and explanatory notes. Commonly used Markup items include: Arrow/Line, Callout, Comment, Red X, Scratch-Out and Curly Braces. The screenshot below shows markup items on the page.

How do I add an image to a wireframe?

Here’s how to add images in the Wireframe feature.

  1. Drag the image to anywhere on the Wireframe screen.
  2. You’ll see a message at the top that says, “Image added”.
  3. Head to the picture icon located on the left hand panel.
  4. Simply drag the image to the working screen.

What is a visual mockup?

A mockup is a static high-profile visual design draft of a design or device, used to represent the structure of information, visualize the content and demonstrate the basic functionalities in a static way. Unlike wireframe, mockups provide visual details, such as colors and typography.

How do you copy and paste in balsamiq?

Copying and Pasting

  1. Open the two projects (each in its own browser tab or window)
  2. In the source project, select the wireframe(s) you want to copy or move.
  3. Copy the wireframe(s) ( CTRL / ⌘ + C )
  4. In the target project, paste your wireframe(s) ( CTRL / ⌘ + V )

How do I add comments in balsamiq?

A blue dot indicates that a Comment is unread. Comments can be be marked as read and unread by clicking the blue/grey dot. You can add Callout markers to indicate specific elements in the wireframe where the comments applies or add a link to an alternate version.

Can Balsamiq do High Fidelity?

In Balsamiq, you can only create low-fidelity prototypes; in Uizard, you can create both low-fidelity prototypes and high-fidelity prototypes. We’ve talked about Balsamiq’s conscious choice to be a low-fidelity prototyping tool.

How do you add symbols in Balsamiq?

Balsamiq Wireframes supports the concept of Symbols….2. Creating Symbols in the Wireframes View

  1. Select the controls you want to group.
  2. Group your selection (select Edit >Group, click the Group icon in the toolbar, or use CTRL / ⌘ + G ).
  3. Name the group.
  4. Click on the “Convert To Symbol” button in the Property Inspector.