How do I fix a corrupted iPod classic 160gb?

How do I fix a corrupted iPod classic 160gb?

Connect the device to the USB cable, press MENU+SELECT like a standard reset but keep holding for 12 seconds. The device should reboot as normal and then the screen should go blank. Now open iTunes and try to restore again. If all else fails try Erase your iPod – The Super Fix for most iPod Problems.

How do I revive my iPod classic?

Force restart your iPod classic

  1. Put the Hold switch firmly in the unlocked position.
  2. Press and hold the Menu and Center (or Select) buttons for 8 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo.

How do I restore my iPod classic 160gb to iTunes?

This screenshot (upper-left corner of my iTunes window) shows iPod’s device button, circled in red. Click that button to show iPod’s Summary settings screen in iTunes window. The button for Restore is on that screen. Click Restore to erase iPod and set it to default “factory” settings.

When you restore an iPod do you lose everything?

What will restore iPod do? A Restore will delete everything on your iPod and then put back only what is in the iTunes Library it is connected to. A Restore can be the last option if an iPod is misbehaving and other methods have not fixed it.

Why is my iPod Classic corrupted?

Data corruption usually occurs when you unplug the iPod without ejecting it first or if you drop the iPod while the hard drive is spinning (hard drive disk errors). Corruption errors can cause the iPod to freeze and may prevent CopyTrans and CopyTrans Manager from properly copying music back and forth.

How do you reset an iPod 160gb?

If your iPod classic isn’t responding, try restarting it following these steps. Press and hold the Menu and Center buttons at the same time for 6 to 8 seconds. The Apple logo appears on the screen. Release the buttons while the iPod classic restarts.

How do I restore my iPod classic without iTunes?

Putting the iPod into DFU mode

  1. Get an USB to iPod dock cable.
  2. Connect it to your computer.
  3. Get your iPod.
  4. Lock the HOLD switch, then unlock it after a second.
  5. Connect the USB cable to the iPod.
  6. During the next two steps, disregard what happens on the iPod’s screen, just do what we ask you to.

How can I restore my iPod without iTunes?

Press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for 10 seconds. Continue holding until you see the Apple logo. This will reset your iPod Touch. Both methods of running the power cycle are equally effective, and they take a matter of seconds to execute.