How do I get from Piraeus Port to downtown Athens?

How do I get from Piraeus Port to downtown Athens?

A great way to get to Athens’ city centre from the Piraeus Port is via metro lines. Taking the metro costs 1.40€ and the trip lasts about 30 minutes. You must enter the Piraeus station on the Green Line, located right next to the port, and go towards Kifissia station.

How much is a taxi from Piraeus Port to Athens?

25 € 32 €
Taxi Prices for Piraeus Port

One-way Piraeus Route 4-seat taxi 05:00-24:00 (day charge) 4-seat taxi 00:00-05:00 (night charge)
Piraeus Port – Athens International Airport 54 € 70 €
Piraeus Port – Acropolis Athens 25 € 32 €
Piraeus Port – Acropolis Museum 25 € 32 €
Piraeus Port – Athens Center (Monastiraki) 25 € 32 €

How do I get from Athens to cruise port?

Public Transportation To take the bus, wait for the 843 and 859 buses, which shuttle between the cruise port and the metro. Alternatively, taxis will charge around 4 euros for the quick trip. The X80 express bus heads to and from the Athens city center (Syntagma Square) to the cruise port.

Can you buy ferry tickets at the port Athens?

These shops are located directly across from the ferry port and open 24 hours. The ticket kiosks to pick up ferry tickets are to the left as you enter the port area near gate E6. Plan to arrive an hour before departure to get your tickets.

Is Piraeus worth visiting?

Piraeus is the largest Mediterranean port in terms of passenger traffic and commercial activity, and most of Athens’ visitors simply consider it a transit point to the Aegean islands. However, this city’s versatile coastline and numerous cultural stops make it a destination in its own right.

Is there Uber in Athens?

Reserve a ride with Uber in advance in Athens, GR Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Athens, GR. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

Can you wear shorts in Athens Greece?

You have no problem wearing shorts in Greece, more or less wherever you go, other than churches or monasteries, where it is expected that your knees and shoulders are covered. You are OK with short sleeves, in these places, and sometimes you will see wrap around skirts at the entrance for those wearing shorts.

Are taxis in Athens safe?

Athens taxis are considered a rather safe option for your transfer throughout the city. In any case, the cabs queuing up at the official taxi stands are undoubtedly licensed and legal. Hence, you should always catch your cab from the taxi ranks. Another safe alternative is to book your taxi ride online.

Is there Uber in Athens Greece?

Where do cruise ships dock in Athens Greece?

Cruise ships dock at the New Passenger Terminal, one mile from the center of Piraeus and eight miles from Athens. The 3 terminals A- Miaoulos and B- Themistocles and C- Alkimos are less than a half kilometer apart. Free shuttles, if you are docked further away will drop you off at the main cruise terminals buildings.

Where do you catch the Piraeus ferry?

Ferry from Piraeus to the Saronic Islands Ferries depart from gate E8. You can travel by ferry from Piraeus to the following islands of the Saronic Gulf: Aegina, Agistri, Hydra, Poros and Spetses.

Do you need to book ferries in Greece in advance?

You don’t need to book any ferries for May. May is low season, ferries are running half empty. Some timetables will be released in winter, some early next year, there are also ferry companies that will not post their timetables more than 2-3 weeks in advance in low season. All depends where you want to go.