How do I install WinMerge?

How do I install WinMerge?

To install WinMerge:

  1. Start the installer executable (usually named WinMerge- version -setup.exe ).
  2. Click Next in the License Agreement screen.
  3. In the Select Destination Location page, accept the location for WinMerge or, if you choose another location, we recommend that you install WinMerge in its own folder.

Does WinMerge work on Linux?

WinMerge is not available for Linux but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Linux with similar functionality. The best Linux alternative is Meld, which is both free and Open Source.

Is WinMerge safe to download?

WinMerge isn’t malware. Download it from It works fine for your purposes.

How do I open WinMerge?

1.1. Open the WinMerge window

  1. Double-click the WinMerge desktop shortcut.
  2. Navigate to the WinMerge launcher in your Start menu.
  3. In a Command Prompt window, cd to the WinMerge installation folder and enter WinMergeU.
  4. Press Windows+R and enter winmerge.

What replaced Windiff?

The best alternative is WinMerge, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like WinDiff are Beyond Compare (Paid), Compare (Free, Open Source), WinMerge 2011 (Free, Open Source) and WinMerge JP (Free, Open Source).

How do you install meld?

Installing Meld on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

  1. sudo apt-get install meld.
  2. sudo apt-get install intltool itstool gir1.2-gtksource-3.0 libxml2-utils.
  3. git clone
  4. cd meld.
  5. sudo python install.

Is WinMerge open source?

WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. WinMerge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handle.

How do I open a WinMerge file?

To use a project file In the WinMerge window, click File → Open Project. WinMerge reads the paths from the project file. If the project file has two or three paths, two or three paths are opened.

How do I use WinMerge filters?

In the Select Files or Folders dialog, click Select to the right of the Filter field. You use this method when you want to apply a file filter to a folder compare operation. Click Tools → Filters. This method can be used at any time except when the Select Files or Folders dialog is open.

Who makes WinMerge?

x no commits have been made to the 3.0 codebase since 2011. In 2011 a fork of the 2. x codebase titled “WinMerge 2011” was created. This new branch has continued to see active feature and bug fix development….WinMerge.

Developer(s) jtuc
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in Multilingual
Type Data comparison
License GPL

What is WinMerge tool?