How do I pay the toll on the Chisholm Trail Parkway?

How do I pay the toll on the Chisholm Trail Parkway?

No toll booths on the Chisholm Trail Parkway. Electronic tolling systems will be used to charge motorists for their travel through a TollTag or NTTA’s ZipCash┬«, pay-by-mail system, at a higher rate. Texas Tollway Authority project in Tarrant and Johnson counties.

How much does the Chisholm Trail Tollway cost?

Tolls. As of August 2020, it costs a two-axle passenger vehicle $8.70 in cash to drive the entire length of the toll road in either direction. Two-axle vehicles paying with TollTag are only charged $5.79 for the same trip.

What happens if I don’t have a Texas TollTag?

Motorists who use TxDOT toll roads without a tag are charged the toll road price and a $1.50 mailing fee, according to officials with TxTag, TxDOT’s toll-collection system. Past due payments incur a $4 monthly late fee and can result in a $250 court fine.

Who drove the cattle on the Chisholm Trail?

The trail is named for Jesse Chisholm, a multiracial trader from Tennessee of half Cherokee descent. Together with scout Black Beaver, he developed the trail to transport his goods from one trading post to another. The two men were the first to drive cattle north along this route.

How much is Dallas North Tollway?

A 30-mile drive now costs $5.70 with a TollTag. The same drive will cost $6 beginning July 1. The NTTA owns and operates the Dallas North Tollway, Bush Turnpike, Sam Rayburn Tollway, Addison Airport Toll Tunnel, Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge, Mountain Creek Lake Bridge, Chisholm Trail Parkway and 360 Tollway.

How much are toll tags in Texas?

($40 for up to three TollTags)
Select from the standard TollTag account ($40 for up to three TollTags) or the $20 Starter TollTag, perfect for the infrequent toll road driver. Toll Tag customers are required to maintain a positive account balance, which can be monitored online or via the free Tollmate mobile app.

How much is express lane in Texas?

Once you are in the lanes, the price you saw on the signs is the price you are guaranteed to pay. Drivers entering after you or at different locations may pay a different rate. Initial toll rates are $0.30 per segment and $0.60 for a full length trip, but can be higher if demand is greater than projected.

How many miles a day did the cattle drives average?

A typical drive could cover 15-25 miles per day. Although it was important to arrive at their destination on time, the cattle needed time to rest and graze.