How do I pick someone up from SeaTac?

How do I pick someone up from SeaTac?

Sit tight there until the guy calls and then pick him up at the baggage area outside. Works like a charm. They now have a cell phone parking lot on the north end by the Delta air cargo area. Sit tight there until the guy calls and then pick him up at the baggage area outside.

Do you get charged for incoming international calls T-Mobile?

How much do they cost? Yes. Incoming international calls are treated the same as any other incoming call, they are included in your plan.

How do you get to mobile arrivals from SeaTac?

From the Cell Phone Lot to Baggage Claim (Arrivals Drive): Take a right out of the Cell Phone Lot and make left on Air Cargo Road (sign reads to terminal). Follow signs to Arrivals.

Does T-Mobile work at sea?

If you’re on our Magenta, Simple Choice Plan, or ONE Plan, you get unlimited 2G data and texting in more than 210 countries and destinations at no extra charge.

Do I get charged for incoming calls?

If you are not physically within your incoming local calling area when you receive a call, long distance charges will apply. The physical location of the person calling you is not important.

Does it cost me to answer an international call?

Their answer was clearly a no, it doesn’t cost money to answer an international call.

How does SeaTac cell phone lot work?

The cellphone lot is designed for people coming to Sea-Tac to pick up arriving passengers. Instead of driving around the airport until your passengers are ready to be picked up, you can park for up to 30 minutes in this special lot and wait there until your passengers call your cellphone to say they are ready.

Does WhatsApp work on cruise ships?

Using messaging apps to text for free on a cruise ship If you use text messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or WhatsApp, you can use them on a cruise ship whenever you have a WiFi connection.

Will my phone work in Jamaica?

Major US mobile service operators, such as AT, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, are known to work reasonably well in Jamaica.