How do I prepare for a Ragnar Relay?

How do I prepare for a Ragnar Relay?

The best way to prepare for this is to practice running two times in one day and then again the next morning, at least a few times before race day. I suggest you mix this in with your regular run training but no more than every two to three weeks.

How far do you run in a Ragnar?

Ragnarians will run anywhere from 12 to 25 miles (or double that on an ultra-team) divided into three sections. The exact mileage varies by race.

How much does it cost to run a Ragnar?

Registration – Around $120/person – Sign up early to save! Ragnar Vehicle – (If you can’t borrow one expect to pay around $50/ person) Fuel – Around $20/ person. Food – Around $30/ person.

Why is it called Ragnar Relay?

“The reason we called it the Ragnar is because Steve, growing up … he actually happened to know two boys named Ragnar at different times in his life,” Bell said, “and they were both kind of rough, tough, burly guys. So we always kind of took to the saying of calling rough, tough burly people Ragnars.”

Is Ragnar hard?

A Ragnar is a physical and mental challenge. The running is difficult, and the anticipation of running is worse. Most of your time is spent in a small space, not running. You cramp and stiffen easily.

How do I train for Ragnar run?

Focus on time rather than distance, progressing from 40-minute runs up to 100 minutes of running, then back down to 45 minutes of running the week before Ragnar. At Ragnar you’ll be running three legs within a 24-hour period, so you need to acclimate your body to recover quickly.

What do I need for a Ragnar race?

What to Pack

  1. Three Running Outfits (one for each leg)
  2. Deodorant.
  3. Baby Wipes (to clean yourself off after you run)
  4. Sunscreen.
  5. Running Shoes (two pairs, so you can switch shoes for each leg)
  6. Sandals.
  7. Socks.
  8. Underwear.

How do I train for Ragnar?

Who owns Ragnar race?

Ragnar Relay Series

The official logo for The Ragnar Relay Series.
Formation 2004
Founders Steve Hill, Dan Hill, Tanner Bell
Headquarters Salt Lake City, UT

How old do you have to be to run Ragnar?

Ragnar Relay Divisions & Classifications All students age 12-18 years old. Only available as Regular Teams, no Ultra Teams. At least 50% of the team belong to a CrossFit gym. All CrossFit teams complete in a single division.

How does Ragnar Trail relay work?

Here’s how a trail relay like Ragnar works. You get a team of runners together, and camp out overnight with other teams in a beautiful location—say, Snowmass, Colorado, or Zion, Utah. Each runner on the team completes multiple legs on different loops of trail, coming back to the campsite to hang out in between.