How do you beat the first boss in Donkey Kong 64?

How do you beat the first boss in Donkey Kong 64?

The first boss is very simple. As DK, simply move left and right to dodge the fireballs, then run away from him when he rolls around the arena. When he pops his head out of his shell, toss the TNT barrel at him.

Where is the first level in Donkey Kong 64?

Jungle Japes is the first level in the game Donkey Kong 64. The entrance to it is located inside a cave on the base of DK Island. After meeting K. Lumsy inside his prison island, the player must collect the very first Golden Banana in order to access the level which can be obtained near the entrance of the cave.

How do you beat Mad Jack?

Slamming the correct switch will make the platform Mad Jack is on release an electric shockwave, injuring him. However, slamming on the switch on the platform of the incorrect color will electrocute Tiny Kong instead, costing her a slice of health. Tiny must electrocute Mad Jack five times to defeat him.

How does Tiny Kong beat the Jack in the Box?

Tiny must attack Mad Jack by using Simian Slam on the switch on the same-colored tile as Mad Jack’s. This causes the tile to electrocute Mad Jack. However, by hitting the other switch, Tiny Kong is electrocuted instead, causing her to lose half of a Watermelon in health.

Who is the final boss in Donkey Kong?

Lord Fredrik, The Snowmad King
Lord Fredrik, The Snowmad King is the fearsome leader of the Snowmads, the main antagonists of the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the boss of the world Donkey Kong Island, as well as the sixth and final boss in the game.

How do you unlock Lanky Kong in dk64?

Lanky Kong To free Lanky, you need to first free the llama as DK. Then, go to the llama temple, and shoot the switch to enter. Find the music pad inside, and use it to have the llama come and turn to lava into water. Swim through the water to the room where Lanky is held, then shoot the switch to free him.

How do you beat Lord Fredrik?

Hit Lord Fredrik with one of the two enemies, then hit him on his back three times to beat him, only this time, Lord Fredrik will gain two new moves, in the beginning of the battle, Lord Fredrik will jump high to the other side of either platform Donkey Kong is on and unleash a ground pound to send the platforms high …

Who is the final boss of Donkey Kong 64?

This is me playing the final boss, King K. Rool, in the Nintendo 64 game Donkey Kong 64. It is split up into two parts, because the fight is long.

How many playable Kongs are there in Donkey Kong 64?

One of five playable Kongs in Donkey Kong Country 64, Tiny Kong is Dixie’s sister and more or less plays how Dixie would have if she were included in the game. While Tiny was introduced as an incredibly small Kong in her first appearance, she hit a growth spurt right after and has consistently been depicted as taller than Dixie since.

How do you get Lanky Kong on Donkey Kong 64?


  • Kasplat
  • Klump
  • Klobber
  • Kaboom
  • Kosha
  • Zinger
  • Puftup
  • Shuri
  • What are the levels in order on Donkey Kong 64?

    The Donkey Kong Country SNES trilogy games are primarily platforming games in which players complete side-scrolling levels to progress forward. Each game contains approximately 6 to 8 different ‘worlds,’ each of which contains 5 or 6 levels and a boss character battle which advances the player to the succeeding world.