How do you become an AML specialist?

How do you become an AML specialist?

Here are the steps to obtain an AML certification:

  1. Earn a degree. Typically, AML specialists have at least a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, financial management or a similar discipline.
  2. Earn AML or banking experience.
  3. Prepare for your ACAMS exam.
  4. Pass the ACAMS or equivalent exam.
  5. Apply for AML positions.

What does a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist do?

A Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) is a professional who is skilled at tracking cash that originates in fraud or other crimes but has been subjected to complex financial maneuvers in order to obscure its origins.

Which AML certification is the best?

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert(CAME) is the best compliance certification. It’s like C.A. is for accountants & C.F.A is for finance folks. CAME is termed as the crown jewel of compliance certifications. This certification has significant value in market for both domestic and International AML/KYC processes.

Is Anti-Money Laundering a good career?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career outlook for financial analysts including anti-money laundering analysts is projected to grow 6% between now and 2028. This growth rate is on par with other occupational job outlooks.

What skills are needed to be an AML?

The most common important skills required by employers are Mitigation, Data Analytics, Customer Service, MS Office, Accuracy, Risk Management and Process Improvement.

Is the ACAMS exam difficult?

The ACAMS exam would surely need some practical experience since the exam pertains to sensible knowledge and comprehension of the market. Keeping that in mind there is no stipulated time within which you should prepare to pass the exam. moreover, it just depends on the time you commit to preparation.

How much can you make in AML?

$55,575 per year
How much does a Aml make in Canada? The average aml salary in Canada is $55,575 per year or $28.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $44,850 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $104,000 per year.