How do you clear the toxin room in Batman Arkham Asylum?

How do you clear the toxin room in Batman Arkham Asylum?

Your next step is to glide to a lower platform located in your vicinity, so you’ll get closer to the room with the stunned inmate. Turn right once you’ve safely landed and locate the final third control panel from here. Once it’s been destroyed you’ll get rid of the toxins.

How do I save the guards from Harley Quinn?

there are 2 boxes you need to disable, one is right beside the window that Harley is standing at the other is to the right of the room around the corner in a pool of water. Disable the one beside her, then the one around the corner then you cut both guards down with a Baterang.

How do you get past the toxic gas in Batman Arkham Knight?

Destroy the gas pipe at the loading docks Locate the gas pipe beneath the loading docks sign on the western-most wall, activate Battle Mode then use your winch to rip it in two. That takes care of your toxic gas problem, meaning that it’s now possible to proceed deeper into the factory.

How do I get out of the gas room in Arkham Knight?

To escape the gas, quickly grapple over to the golden Vantage Point ahead, then make your way through the vent in the wall. As the next wall slides open, you’ll spot two sentry guns and a flying drone patrolling the area directly below Arkham Knight’s new position.

Where are the joker teeth in medical facility?

You won’t find the teeth until you’ll be returning from Patient Observation (after rescuing doctor Kellerman). This is the same area where you’ll be attacked by a new type of an opponent. Once you’ve rescued all three doctor you’ll find your targets in front of the elevator.

How do I get rid of the neutralizing agent in Arkham Knight?

Activate Detective Mode and locate the chamber control terminal on the central panel. Interact with it to begin preparing the neutralising agent. Once the canisters pop out of the floor nearby, approach one and interact with it to gently pull it free.

How do you get out of ACE Chemicals?

Objective: Stop Scarecrow from blowing up ACE Chemicals. Head back across the ramp and into the plant, then use the 60mm Cannon to blow a hole where the wall is highlighted above. Make your way around the corner and use the ramp you lowered earlier to jump across.

Why does Jason Todd have a hunched posture?

Jason has suffered nerve damage to his shoulders and upper back from being strung up by his wrists for long periods of time.

How do you get joker teeth in Arkham Asylum medical facility?