How do you get a job in the Air Force Base?

How do you get a job in the Air Force Base?

How to Get a Job on Base

  1. You have to start with volunteering. You have heard it before, and for good reason.
  2. Take the workshop already. Many installations offer workshops to help you navigate the application process for jobs on base.
  3. Fill out the Spouse Preference form. While you’re there, ask about spouse preference.

What wing is Moody AFB?

the 23d Wing
Moody Air Force Base is home to the 23d Wing and the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing. The 23d Wing’s mission is to optimally organize, train, equip and deploy precision attack, personnel recovery, and combat support to win today’s fight.

What kind of base is Moody AFB?

US Air Force base

Moody Air Force Base
Coordinates 30°58′07″N 83°11′34.6″W
Type US Air Force base
Site information
Owner Department of Defense

What command is Moody AFB?

the Air Combat Command
Moody Air Force Base is located in south Georgia, just 30 miles north of the Florida border. The Major Command at Moody is the Air Combat Command (ACC). The 23rd Wing is the home of the world famous “Flying Tigers”, Combat Search and Rescue, and Security Forces warriors.

What jobs are in high demand in the Air Force?

The United States Air Force offers numerous careers for its airmen, but a few specific careers are categorized as in demand….Special Operations

  • Combat controller specialists.
  • Pararescue specialists.
  • Air Force special reconnaissance.
  • Tactical air control party specialists.

Can civilians get a job on base?

The United States offers a wide range of civilian jobs in different industries for people interested in applying their skills to support the military. As a civilian in the military, you may be eligible to work on military bases in seven states, 12 countries and the territory of Puerto Rico.

What is the BAH for Moody AFB?

2020 Enlisted Rates

With Dependents Without Dependents
E3 $1044.00 $933.00
E4 $1044.00 $933.00
E5 $1068.00 $981.00
E6 $1329.00 $1020.00

How many people are stationed at Moody Air Force Base?

Moody AFB has a population of roughly 4,499 military, 476 civilian employees and 6,252 family members.

How many people are stationed at Moody AFB?

Moody AFB has a population of roughly 4,499 military, 476 civilian employees and 6,252 family members. Moody AFB does not have a base shuttle, however, newcomers can call Moody AFB Vehicle Operations at 257-3461 to request a base taxi. If you don’t have a sponsor, call the command post at (229) 257-3501.

What’s the best Air Force Base?

Top 5 duty stations in the Air Force

  1. Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. With two Air Force bases in the area, San Antonio tops our list.
  2. Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.
  3. MacDill AFB, Florida.
  4. Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.
  5. United States Air Force Academy, Colorado.

What is the hardest job in the Air Force?

Stressed Officer Career Fields Some of the most commonly stressed career fields in the Air Force are those of pilots. The training is often intense, and the responsibilities they carry can be enormous.