How do you list both parents on a wedding invitation?

How do you list both parents on a wedding invitation?

When writing wedding invitation wording from both sets of parents, make sure first and last names appear for all parents. Since both last names are already mentioned, the bride and groom will only include first and middle names on the invitation.

What if the groom’s parents are divorced?

If the groom’s parents are divorced, the above seating order can be followed, except that rather than be ushered in together, the groom’s father would follow behind his ex-wife as she is ushered in and out. The groom’s mother would sit in the front pew, while his father would sit in the second or third pew.

How do you introduce divorced parents at a wedding?

If you really want to have divorced or remarried parents enter for introductions, it is imperative that you discuss it with them in advance. When in doubt about “seated” or “entering” introductions, always choose “seated” introductions. For remarried parents, there’s an easy, tasteful way to introduce each couple.

How do you list divorced parents on a wedding program?

If you or your groom have divorced parents, remember these rules:

  1. Names are listed on separate lines without an “and” between them.
  2. Mom always comes first.
  3. If the bride’s mother is not remarried, use “Ms.” followed by her first name and the last name she is currently using (maiden or still her married name)

Who pays for wedding If bride’s parents are divorced?

The tradition of a bride’s family, and most likely her father, footing the bill for an entire wedding has passed. Don’t feel like your parents are supposed to pay for your wedding. Let them offer, and be appreciative when you discuss your budget with each parent separately.

Can both parents walk bride down aisle?

With Both Parents In the tradition, the bride’s father is on her right and mother on her left as they walk toward the chuppah. You can swap the sides, but it’s a heartfelt way to include both of your parents in your wedding ceremony.

How do you word wedding invitations when the groom’s parents are hosting?

When the groom’s parents are hosting the wedding, just change the formula for invitation wording slightly. They invite you to the marriage of the bride “to their son.” The groom’s name may or may not be listed first.

How do you have a wedding with divorced parents?

A simple rule that wedding planners recommend as a way to avoid unnecessary drama on the wedding day is to have the divorced parents sit far away from each other. “Picture the typical church having two sides (with the aisle down the middle)—put mom on one side and dad on the other,” Jimmy suggests.

How do you address wedding invitations with divorced parents?

If your parents or the groom’s parents are divorced, the mother and father’s names are written on separate lines with no conjoining “and”. The mother is always listed first. Either Ms. or Mrs. can be used, but personally I think using “Ms.” will eliminate any confusion.