How do you write a CCOT essay?

How do you write a CCOT essay?

You must include ALL important words from the prompt, the AP THEME/topic, and the time period. You need at least TWO continuities and at least TWO changes, but should have additional changes and continuities whenever possible. Prompt: Analyze continuities and changes in global interactions from 1450-1700.

How do you write a thesis statement for change over time?

Now, when you write a COT essay make sure you complete the following tasks:1) In your thesis include the dates or time period. For example: Between 10 C.E. . . . Include the region or country you chose. Tell what changed and what stayed the same using the categories stated in the prompt.

What is CCOT in history?

AP World History. Continuity and Change Over Time Essay. What is the CCOT Essay? An essay discussing characteristics that changed and stayed the same in a given region between two time periods. Comparison essay, but across time rather than region.

How do you write a conclusion for Leq?

1) Conclusion must mirror/restate the thesis/argument. Do not underestimate the value of the LEQ outlines as they will immeasurably help better organize a comprehensive essay. The uploaded outlines are placed in order by Unit.

How do you write an Apush conclusion?

The conclusion should restate your thesis and strongest points in different words. You’ve spent the entire school year preparing for your APUSH long essay. You’ve studied the concepts and themes. You have the information that you need to write a 6-worthy essay.

How do you write an AP History essay?

How to Approach the AP U.S. History Long Essay QuestionThesis: Make a thesis or claim that responds to the prompt. Context: Provide context relevant to the prompt by describing a broader historical development or process.Evidence: Use specific and relevant examples as evidence to support an argument in response to the prompt.