How does elemental proliferation work?

How does elemental proliferation work?

Elemental Proliferation Support is a support gem that causes elemental ailments applied by supported skills to affect nearby enemies. The proliferation aura-like effect continues through death on intact corpses, see Elemental proliferation for the mechanism.

Does AOE affect proliferation?

Area of Effect: The proliferation is affected by increases or reductions to Area of Effect.

What is poison proliferation?

Mechanics. The secondary effect of this passive is often referred to by the community as “poison proliferation”. However, contrary to the standard proliferation mechanics, poisons are reapplied instantly upon killing a poisoned enemy, and don’t remain on its corpse.

What does spell Cascade do Poe?

Spell Cascade Support is a support gem that causes the linked spells to repeat its effect in front and behind of wherever you have targeted your spell at, at the cost of reduced area of effect and damage.

Is poison and chaos the same Poe?

It’s a different modifier. All poison damage is chaos damage… but not all chaos is poison. Increased chaos damage will buff chaos and poison (which is chaos damage). Increased damage over time will also buff both bane and poison.

Does increased chaos damage affect poison?

Yes, chaos damage increases apply to poison, and yes, it will “double dip” (just like fire/elemental damage and ignite).

Where is the fastest casting path of exile?

Item acquisition

  1. Upgrade paths. This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:
  2. Quest reward. This item is given as a quest reward for the following quests:
  3. Vendor reward. This item can be bought at the listed NPC vendors, after completing the following quests: Class → Witch. Shadow. Ranger.

Does spell cascade overlap?

While Spell Cascade overlaps only once, Awakened Spell Cascade has three intrinsic overlaps, even when further reductions to AoE like Concentrated Effect Support are applied.

Is wither a curse Poe?

Wither would be complete trash as a Curse; there’s no way they let you have 140% Increased Damage Taken from a Curse (a x2. 4 multiplier), plus it will be resisted by Bosses, and it will take up Curse slots. There’s no benefit to making Wither a Curse.

How much damage does 4 stacks of poison do per action taken?

Poison is capped at 1999 damage per stack, up to 4 stacks can be applied. There is no percentage life limit. If can kill a 7k max hp ninja from a much weaker player instantly with poison if you can somehow put 4 stacks on it without it taking life damage.

How many poisons can you stack Poe?

There is no limit to the number of poison stacks a target can have. A single “hit” can apply a maximum of one poison stack, therefore having more than 100% chance to poison is redundant.

Does cast speed affect totem placement?

When linked to a minion skill, Faster Casting increases both the cast speed of the summoning spell, and the speed with which summoned minions cast their own spells. Faster Casting also affects the speed with which totems, traps or mines cast spells, but not the speed of placing totems or laying traps or mines.