How import javax mail in Netbeans?

How import javax mail in Netbeans?

jar and add it to your project using the following steps:

  1. Extract the mail.
  2. Right click the project node (JavaMail), click Properties to change properties of the project.
  3. Now go to Libraries Tab.
  4. Click on Add JAR/Folder Button.
  5. Browse to the location where you have unzipped your Mail.
  6. Press ok.

What jar is javax mail in?

Download JavaMail Release

jar file groupId artifactId
javax.mail-api.jar javax.mail javax.mail-api
mailapi.jar com.sun.mail mailapi
smtp.jar com.sun.mail smtp
imap.jar com.sun.mail imap

How import javax mail in Intellij?

1 Answer

  1. Make sure your ‘java’ source folder is marked as source (right click on it and select ‘Mark directory as -> sources root’ if it is not already light blue)
  2. Make sure the class package (com.test) names match i.e. ‘src/main/java/com/test/SendMail’ on the project pane and ‘package com.test’ in

What is javax mail for?

The JavaMail is an API that is used to compose, write and read electronic messages (emails). The JavaMail API provides protocol-independent and plateform-independent framework for sending and receiving mails. The javax. mail and javax.

What is javax package in Java?

Package javax. Provides interfaces for tools which can be invoked from a program, for example, compilers. These interfaces and classes are required as part of the Java™ Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), but there is no requirement to provide any tools implementing them.

What is InternetAddress in Java?

public InternetAddress(java.lang.String address, java.lang.String personal, java.lang.String charset) throws Construct an InternetAddress given the address and personal name. The address is assumed to be a syntactically valid RFC822 address.

How do I install JavaMail?

The following are the two which need to be installed in your system.

  1. Download JavaMail API it and complete the installation.
  2. Download JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF) and install in your system.
  3. Add the mail.jar and activation.jar files in your CLASSPATH.
  4. Install any SMTP server for sending emails.

How do I update my Java email?

2 Answers

  1. Under ../AppServer/plugins, download com. ibm. ws.
  2. From the internet, download the javax. mail-[version]. jar which you want to use.
  3. Use for example WinRAR to put the plugin. xml from the IBM jar into the Oracle javax. mail-[version].
  4. Rename the javax. mail-[version]. jar to com.
  5. Restart your appServer(s)

Where are IntelliJ JARs?

The jars reside in the Maven local repository just beside the binary jar as source and javadoc classifiers.

Is there email class in Java?

Introduction. Sending Email is the most common and necessary requirement for most of the applications. Java provides Java Mail API – a platform and protocol independent framework to build mail and messaging applications.

How do I install javax?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Locate and download the required JARs.
  2. Put the JARs in a folder called lib in your project.
  3. Refresh the project in Eclipse (F5 or right-click and “Refresh”), the lib folder with the JARs should appear in your project explorer.

How do I download javax packages?


  1. Download Windows x64 Java 8u242.
  2. Unzip Java bundle, place the tar bundle under C:\Program Files\Java\ (administrative privileges will be required)
  3. Open a command prompt and navigate to C:\Program Files\Java\bin\
  4. Test the Java version:
  5. Additional configuration may be required to: