How is Heptavac P Plus administered?

How is Heptavac P Plus administered?

The vaccine should be administered by subcutaneous injection in the lateral side of the upper neck observing aseptic precautions. All breeding sheep not previously vaccinated with Heptavac P Plus must receive two injections, each of 2.0 ml, separated by an interval of 4-6 weeks.

How long does Heptavac last once opened?

Heptavac® P Plus 24 months. Once opened, the vaccine must be used within 10 hours.

What is the difference between Ovivac and Heptavac P?

Although Heptavac P Plus is recommended for vaccination of breeding animals, ewes may be vaccinated with Ovivac P Plus during pregnancy as an aid in the control of pulpy kidney, tetanus and pasteurellosis in their lambs provided that the lambs receive enough immune colostrum during the first 1-2 days of life.

How often should you Heptavac sheep?

Heptavac P Plus Vaccine Replacement ewes should receive a primary course of the vaccine with two doses given 4 weeks apart, the second dose being 4-6 weeks before lambing. Ewes that have been previously vaccinated only require a yearly booster given 4-6 weeks before lambing.

What is the withdrawal period for Heptavac P?

The withdrawal period after the use of Heptavac P Plus is zero days.

Can you freeze Heptavac?

Heptavac P Plus requires storage in a refrigerator between 2oC and 8oC in the dark. Do not freeze.

How often should you vaccinate sheep?

Adult sheep vaccinated as lambs require an annual booster. Introduced adult sheep with no vaccination history must be given 2 vaccinations 4 to 6 weeks apart, then an annual booster. The annual booster for ewes should be given 2 to 6 weeks pre-lambing.

What is Covexin 10 used for?

Product description. INDICATIONS: For the active immunisation of Sheep and Cattle against Clostridium perfringens types A, B, C and D, C.

What does Covexin 8 Treat?

Covexin 8 is for the vaccination of healthy cattle and sheep as an aid in the prevention of diseases caused by Clostridium chauvoei, C. septicum, C. novyi Type B, C. haemolyticum (known also as C.

Where do you inject Heptavac in sheep?

Where is the best place to inject a sheep?

Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections Subcutaneous injections are administered in areas where the skin is loose (mainly on the side of the neck or behind the shoulder). Grasp a fold of skin and slide the needle through the skin parallel to the animal’s neck or trunk.