How is Okonkwo hard working?

How is Okonkwo hard working?

Okonkwo’s intense fear of failure and being perceived as weak and “feminine” dominates his life. He works hard because he fears becoming his father. He defines masculinity in a toxic, rigid way. Indeed, his fear of being perceived as weak causes him to murder his adoptive son Ikemefuna.

Is Okonkwo a hero or a villain?

Okonkwo is a tragic hero in the classical sense: although he is a superior character, his tragic flaw—the equation of manliness with rashness, anger, and violence—brings about his own destruction.

What does Okonkwo represent in things fall apart?

In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo represents the best part of the tribal values in various ways. At the same time, he represents the worst part of tribal life according to what the tribe values. Truly, Okonkwo has qualities that prove he is a respected leader in his tribe. Okonkwo is a man of great personal achievements.

Is Okonkwo a great man?

Okonkwo’s idea of masculinity is a strong, well-built man who is a great wrestler, farmer, hunter, and warrior. He shows no emotions of affection in public, and does not waste his time on instruments such as flutes. He works very hard and shows his success through his hard work.

Is ikemefuna Okonkwo’s son?

Ikemefuna. A boy given to Okonkwo by a neighboring village. He develops an especially close relationship with Nwoye, Okonkwo’s oldest son, who looks up to him.

What kind of character is Okonkwo?


How does Okonkwo kill ikemefuna?

As the boy’s back is turned, one of the men strikes the first blow with his machete. Ikemefuna cries out to Okonkwo, “My father, they have killed me!” and runs toward Okonkwo. Afraid to appear weak, Okonkwo kills Ikemefuna with his machete.

How and why is ikemefuna killed?

When Okonkwo and a group of clansmen take Ikemefuna to the woods to be killed, a clansman’s blow fails to do the job, and the clansman yells to Okonkwo for help. Afraid of appearing weak, Okonkwo deals the fatal blow to Ikemefuna despite Ogbuefi Ezeudu’s warning.

What are Okonkwo’s main characteristics?

Okonkwo is a self-made, well-respected member of the Umuofia clan. Though outwardly stern and powerful, much of his life is dictated by internal fear. His greatest, overwhelming worry is that he will become like his father – lazy, unable to support his family, and cowardly.

How is Okonkwo a complex character?

Okonkwo is a complex character with many layers to his personality and thought process. His father had a major influence on him as a young boy that stayed with him as a grown man. Okonkwo resented his father for not going out and working hard to provide for his family. Okonkwo struggled to get to his wealthy state.

How does Okonkwo lose his identity?

There is also the individual violence Okonkwo exercises on his own personality. This leads to his suicide which represents the physical aspect of his own violence. In return, the novel ends tragically with the death of both the white man and the main the character.