How long does it take to get your FTCE scores?

How long does it take to get your FTCE scores?

within 4 weeks

What is the passing score for FTCE?

The Professional Education test (083) has approximately 110 multiple-choice questions. You need to get 71% of answers correct to earn a scaled score of 200. Assuming there are exactly 110 questions, you’ll need at least 79 correct answers to pass the assessment.

How many times can you take the FTCE exam?

Fortunately for students who need to take an FTCE test again, there is no limit on the number of times you can take any one test.

How many paragraphs make up your GK essay?

Note that a good essay for the General Knowledge Test may be longer or shorter than the basic five-paragraph format of some short essays. Do not limit yourself to an arbitrary length.

What does 20000 words look like?

20,000 words is 40 pages single spaced, 80 pages double spaced. 25,000 words is 50 pages single spaced, 100 pages double spaced. 30,000 words is 60 pages single spaced, 120 pages double spaced. 40,000 words is 80 pages single spaced, 160 pages double spaced.