How many bonus coins are in dk3?

How many bonus coins are in dk3?

eighty five Bonus Coins
There are a total of eighty five Bonus Coins in Donkey Kong Country 3. By saving them up, they can be given to Boomer in order to unlock additional stages in Krematoa by having him blow up the rocks blocking the path. Each stage requires a toll of 15 Bonus Coins (25 for the last stage).

How do you get to the bonus barrel in tidal trouble?

After the letter O, the Kongs can swim by some Kocos in a straightforward path to a Bonus Barrel. They can also enter the Enguarde Barrel under the boardwalk. Enguarde can then do a supercharge to quickly charge through the Kocos and enter the Bonus Barrel.

How do you beat the barrel drop bounce in Donkey Kong 3?

The Kongs must lightly throw the Steel Barrel up against the wall and quickly go back to the Koin with the barrel still in sight. When the Kongs go back to Koin, they must jump to the left of him for the Steel Barrel to hit him from behind. This causes Koin to be defeated and the DK Coin to be rewarded to the Kongs.

Who gets the mirror in dk3?

In the game, the Mirror is bought from Bazaar’s General Store for an expensive fifty Bear Coins. According to Bazaar himself, the Mirror belonged to Cranky Kong’s great-grandfather. When purchased, it can be used at Barter’s Swap Shop in exchange for a No.

How do you get a gyrocopter in dk3?

Donkey Kong Country 3 However, in order to unlock the Gyrocopter, the player must collect all DK Coins in the game, being a total of forty-one coins in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version and forty-six coins in the Game Boy Advance version, and visit the Funky’s Rentals.

How many Kremcoins are in each level?

There are usually two or three Kremkoins to collect in every level, depending on the number of Bonus Areas in that level.

How do you beat the bobbing barrel in Brawl?

DK CoinEdit She must suck the Steel Barrel into her trunk and then go to the right and throw it above Koin, without having it hit a red Buzz above. The Steel Barrel then bounces off the wall and hits Koin from behind, defeating him and rewarding the DK Coin to the Kongs.

How does Kiddy Kong bounce on water?

To perform this special move, press Y to make Kiddy roll off of a platform and press B before he hits the water to make him bounce; he can bounce twice in a row….Is Funky Kong a girl?

Funky Kong
Affiliation(s) Kong Family

Where are all the banana birds in dkc3?

Locations. Bounty Beach – Northern Kremisphere overworld, near Funky’s Rentals. Kong Cave – Northern Kremisphere overworld, north of Bazaar’s General Store, behind several rocks. Undercover Cove – Northern Kremisphere overworld, north of the waterfall near Kong Cave.

How do I get to Krematoa?

Krematoa, also known as Lost World, is a secret hidden world found in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!. It is a sunken volcano found by using the Turbo Ski to circle the four rocks lying around east of Mekanos. The bear Boomer lives here, who is necessary to access each level.

How do you get 105 in Donkey Kong Country 3?

You earn 105% clear if you used the code “TUFST” on your file at the beginning of the game. Note: The code ‘WATER’ will cause your rating to change into “Cheatin’ Chump” if you save the game while using coins you obtained from the secret waterfall that you swim to.

How do I enter codes in dkc3?

Cheat Codes At the game select screen, highlight the slot you wish to load and press L, R, R, L, R, R, L, R, L, R. A screen will appear where you can enter one of the following codes: ASAVE — Auto-saves after each completed level.