How much HP can you get in a 351M?

How much HP can you get in a 351M?

How Much Hp Does A 351M Have?

Model Year Engine Horsepower @ RPM (SAE net, except ’71)
1978 351M (car/truck) 152 @ 3400 / 156 @ 4000
1978 400 (car/truck) 160 @ 3800 / 158 @ 3800
1979 351M (car/truck) 151 @ 3400 / 156 @ 4000
1979 400 (car/truck) 159 @ 3800 / 159 @ 3800

What does the M stand for in 351M Ford engine?

Some claim the “M” stands for “Modified” – being modified from a 400-V8 with a shortened stroke – though others claim that the “M” refers to the Michigan Casting Center, where the 351M began production.

Is a 351M the same as a 400?

In the 351M, the block and heads are the same as the 400, and the crankshaft is shorter (3.25 inches). The same connecting rods are used, and the same block is used with a unique piston with a taller compression height to compensate for the shorter stroke.

What’s the difference between 351M and 351C?

The 351M is part of the same Ford 335 V8 engine series as the 351 Cleveland. It’s based on the 400 Modified engine (see note on nomenclature in the opening paragraph), which was essentially a 351C with a longer stroke. Unlike the 351C however, the 400 blocks had the bellhousing bolt pattern of 385-series big blocks.

How much horsepower does a 351 Windsor make?

While the latest generation of 351 Windsors typically generated around 180-220 horsepower from the factory, adding a new set of heads, a larger cam, and some other aftermarket parts can get a Windsor with the stock stroke to around 350-400 horsepower easily.

Is the 351 modified A big block?

Other Differences. The 351C used the “Small Block” bellhousing bolt pattern. The 351M/400 used the “Big Block” bellhousing bolt pattern.

What did a 351M come in?

351M production began for the 1975 model year and blocks were cast in the Michigan Casting Center or the Cleveland Foundry. The 351M was the last pushrod V8 block designed by Ford until the introduction of the 7.3-liter “Godzilla” engine for the Super Duty trucks in model year 2020.

How can you tell a 351M from a 400m?

the 351M and 400 are two different engines, they are mostly interchangeable, the 351M has a 3.5″ stroke, the 400 has a 4.0″ stroke. it’s pretty hard to tell which it is just looking at it….but they are the same thing as far as all the parts you mentioned.

Are 351M Motors Good?

The 351M is a good engine that can make some really awesome horsepower. I have a stock 351M in my 77 F150 4×4 and I can sqeal the tires through 3 gears. And that is bone stock!!!!!! If you really want some power put a bigger cam and headers on it and look out because you will really have some power.

What transmissions will fit a 351M?

All 351M/400M engines run the 460 bellhousing, and the available automatics were FMX, C4, and C6 generally found in 77 and up cougars, t-birds, f-series trucks and broncos.