How much is a 1988 Sea Ray Seville worth?

How much is a 1988 Sea Ray Seville worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $12,995 $5,280
Options (Add)
Total Price $12,995 $5,280

Are old Sea Ray boats any good?

Sea Ray Boats have their detractors and have had some rough spots in their long history. Most owners seem to be happy with Sea Ray boats, and they generally hold up well compared to other similar brands in terms of durability. Overall, Sea Ray can be considered to be a good, reliable brand.

When did Sea Ray stop making boats?

Brunswick also announced it will discontinue Sea Ray sport yacht and yacht models, resulting in the wind down of yacht production in the third quarter of 2018.

Why did Sea Ray stop making large boats?

It pulled out of the sales process because offers received “did not reflect appropriate value for the premium brand, and did not meet expectations,” the company said. A reinvented Sea Ray will complement the existing portfolio with a continued emphasis toward outboard propulsion, said Schwabero.

Are Sea Ray boats good for saltwater?

One of the most widely known cruising boats in the southeastern United States is Sea Ray’s. The vessel is commonly used in saltwater and freshwater in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Families enjoy the combination of comfort and the sporty ride.

What boat is better than Sea Ray?

When you compare Sea Ray and Chaparral based on quality, selection, and price – it is clear Chaparral is the better choice. Not only do they have higher quality boats with more selection and innovative designs, but they are at a lower price point.

Is Sea Ray made by Bayliner?

That company was bought in 1986 by Brunswick Corporation for $350 million. At the same time, Brunswick purchased the Bayliner brand, making Brunswick the largest pleasure boat producer in the world. Sea Ray opened a plant in 1972 at Merritt Island, Florida. It eventually grew to three plants at that location.

Are sea rays good in the ocean?

It’s generally reliable and easy to get serviced and find parts for, and plenty of power for a 200 Sun Deck. Have it compression tested, and consider having the rest of the boat checked out (surveyed) also. Good luck! In general, Sea Ray is a good brand.

Where are Sea Ray boats built?

Sea Ray is based in Knoxville, Tennessee and it operates two factories in Tennessee and two in Florida. Sea Ray designs and markets more than 40 models ranging in boats from 18 to 65 feet (5.5 to 19.8 m).

Is Sea Ray better than Four Winns?

Over the years we’ve owned both brands, and the Sea Ray was the better boat. The Four Winns was cheaper, and in all honesty it served its purpose as an entry level cruiser. At the 37′ size you might look at the SeaRay 370 Venture. It is powered by twin OBs.

Is Sea Ray better than chaparral?