Is it safe to hire from Thumbtack?

Is it safe to hire from Thumbtack?

Is Thumbtack Safe for Customers? There is still the question of “Is Thumbtack safe?” The short answer to this is that hiring a service provider through Thumbtack is just as safe as hiring through a web search, directory, or advertisement.

Is Thumbtack background check safe?

Thumbtack does not list disqualifying offenses. However, it does stipulate that the results of any background check that “isn’t clear” may affect that pro’s eligibility to be on Thumbtack. Thumbtack also says it bases its decision in such cases on the essence of the information provided in the background check report.

How do you get hired on Thumbtack?

Before you start meeting customers, you need to tell us which jobs you’re interested in. You’ll do that by setting targeting preferences. You’ll also need to add a few things to your profile (like a profile photo and a review). Once your targeting preferences and profile are set up, you can start meeting customers.

How do I verify a job on Thumbtack?

You can update a job’s status in your Messages tab.

  1. Open (or download) the Thumbtack Pro app.
  2. Go to your Messages.
  3. Open your conversation with the customer.
  4. Under the job details, tap the dropdown menu to pick a job status.

Does Thumbtack send fake leads?

The biggest complaint that comes from contractors is that Thumbtack puts out fake leads, making them appear as though they are coming from real people. By doing this, contractors would spend more on credits because they believe they are receiving leads, all the while not actually getting any value out of them.

Do you need a license to use Thumbtack?

Thumbtack’s policy allows only occupational licenses to qualify for a license badge. Some pros may be licensed for your job under the license of an authorized business associate with whom they work.

Do I need SSN for Thumbtack?

An SSN isn’t required to take a background check on Thumbtack. You can still submit your information using a passport, driver’s licence, or a government-issued ID from another country.

Are people on Thumbtack real?

Do people still use Thumbtack?

Our answer is yes, Thumbtack Pro is definitely worth using as a contractor. The biggest reason people are complaining about Thumbtack is because they pay $25, $50, etc. for leads, and don’t get any work out of it.

How does Thumbtack get paid?

Thumbtack earns money by charging service providers for each lead it generates for them. Thumbtack was founded in 2008 and has grown to become one of the main platforms for on-demand jobs. At the moment, the company is valued at $3.2 billion.

What is the difference between a push pin and a Thumbtack?

As nouns the difference between thumbtack and pushpin is that thumbtack is a small nail-like tack with a slightly rounded head that can be pressed into place with light pressure from the thumb; used for hanging light articles on a wall or noticeboard while pushpin is a thumbtack.

Is Thumbtack free to use?

Listing yourself on Thumbtack is free, though there are things you will likely have to pay for if you want to receive a high volume of leads, and leads that are of good quality. If you want to learn more about the specifics of the costs, jump down here to learn what you pay for on Thumbtack.