Is phloem a source or sink?

Is phloem a source or sink?

Unlike the xylem, which can only carry water upward, phloem carries sap upward and downward, from sugar sources to sugar sinks: Sugar sources are plant organs such as leaves that produce sugars.

What is source to sink transport?

Source-to-sink transport of sugar is one of the major determinants of plant growth and relies on the efficient and controlled distribution of sucrose (and some other sugars such as raffinose and polyols) across plant organs through the phloem.

What are the sink and source organs during translocation of assimilates?

Sources and Sinks Examples include mature leaves, which produce sugar through photosynthesis, and storage organs, such bulbs, tubers, or storage roots. Sources produce or store more sugars than they need themselves and can thus export sugars.

What is a sink phloem?

Sugars produced in sources, such as leaves, need to be delivered to growing parts of the plant via the phloem in a process called translocation, or movement of sugar. The points of sugar delivery, such as roots, young shoots, and developing seeds, are called sinks.

What is the function of phloem?

While the main role of the phloem tissue is to transport carbohydrates from sources to sinks through the sieve elements, phloem is also composed of parenchyma cells, which play a key role in the storage of water, non-structural carbohydrates and storage proteins (Rosell 2016).

What is source and sink?

Sink and Source are terms used to define the flow of direct current in an electric circuit. A sinking input or output circuit provides a path to ground for the electric load. A sourcing input or output provides the voltage source for the electric load.

What is source and sink how the source does and sink relation works during phloem transport?

What is source-sink concept?

In crop plants, the physiological basis of dry matter production is dependent on the source-sink concept, where the source is the potential capacity for photosynthesis and the sink is the potential capacity to utilize the photosynthetic products.

What is source and sink in plants?

The photosynthetically active parts of a plant are referred to as the source. The areas of active growth and areas of storage are referred to as sink in plants.

What is a source and sink?

What is a source and sink in plants?

Source activity refers to photoassimilate production, for example by photosynthesizing leaves. Sink activity is photoassimilate use and storage. Belowground organs of plants (e.g. roots and rhizomes) are sinks during plant growth since they cannot perform photosynthesis. Some organs are both a source and sink.