Is Planet X on cycle to work scheme?

Is Planet X on cycle to work scheme?

WHAT IS CYCLESCHEME? Planet X is working exclusively with Cyclescheme to help you save on your next cycling purchase.

Does the employer pay for bike in cycle to work scheme?

To be able to join the cycle to work scheme your employer does need to register to join Cyclescheme. This is because the employer pays for the bike and / or accessories (in the first instance) and they organise for your monthly payments to come tax-efficiently from your salary.

Can you get bike anywhere with cycle to work scheme?

Any bike. For a personalised savings figure that includes ownership fees, visit our calculator and enter your details.

What happened to Planet X bikes?

Planet X is a bicycle company based in Rotherham, in the north of England. It was founded in 1988 by Dave Loughran. In 2020 Planet X transitioned to become an employee owned trust. Planet X operates a number of brands including: On-One components and Titus bikes.

Can I cancel cycle to work scheme?

If you wish to cancel your request, the best thing you can do in the first instance is to contact Cyclescheme to chat through your requirements. It is sometimes the case that cancellations can only be requested or approved by the employer – so please bear this in mind when contacting Cyclescheme.

What happens at the end of a cycle to work scheme?

At the end of the ‘Own it later’ period, no further action or payment is required if you wish to keep the equipment – we simply retain your deposit and transfer ownership to you. Cyclescheme refunds the deposit if you do not wish to keep the equipment. Ownership doesn’t have to be expensive.

Does Halfords support cyclescheme?

Does Halfords Accept Cyclescheme? No, is the short answer. Halfords only accept their own Cycle2Work Letters of Collection for bikes and accessories.

Do I have to use Halfords for cycle to work?

Cycle2Work is supported by a wide range of specialist bike dealers, catering to everyone regardless of their needs, budget, location or journey to work! This includes: Halfords: 465+ stores and online via Click & Collect at Tredz: Online at

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Where are Titus frames made?

Arizona-based Titus Cycles produce some of the most sought-after frames on the planet.

Is cycle to work scheme worth it?

The Cycle to Work scheme also allows you to buy accessories alongside the bike and this is definitely something you should take advantage of. In fact, we reckon it is worth using the scheme to buy two bike locks, a good set of lights, a helmet and some high-quality bibshorts.

How long does it take for cycle to work scheme?

3-14 days
The cycle to work scheme usually takes 3-14 days from application to redemption. The length of time it takes to go from doing your application to getting your bike and/or accessories can vary; many employees can collect their cycle to work packages directly after being approved.