Is SEBO a German brand?

Is SEBO a German brand?

SEBO is the brand name of vacuum cleaners made by Stein & Co GmbH, a company based in the German town of Velbert. They produce a range of upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners for domestic and commercial use….Sebo.

Industry Consumer products
Parent Stein & Co GmbH

Where is SEBO manufactured?

SEBO vacuum cleaners are all still made in Germany and the commitment to quality is as firm as ever.

Are SEBO vacuums made in Germany?

Made in Germany, SEBO offers the world’s best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal, allergy and asthma relief. Count on its ease-of-use and reliability. It makes the finest pet vacuum cleaners in the market.

How long do SEBO vacuums last?

15 years
If you are lucky enough to own a SEBO vacuum, you are guaranteed a life span of at least 15 years thanks to the hard work of German engineers. Nonetheless, learning some basic maintenance tips and tricks wouldn’t hurt the longevity of your vacuum. In fact, it may lengthen the total life expectancy upwards of 20 years!

Are Windsor and SEBO the same?

The Sebo machines are exactly Identical, They use the same molds as the Windsor machines do.. However the plastic is different.. Sebo machines are Made of “PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)” Plastics, Where the Windsor machines Are made of “PP (Polypropylene)” plastics..

How long has SEBO been in business?

Welcome to SEBO: the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality vacuum cleaners. In 1978, two engineers, with a vision of a cleaning system unlike anything ever produced, founded SEBO in Velbert, Germany. Since then, SEBO has become the manufacturer of the finest quality commercial-grade vacuum cleaners in the world.

What does SEBO stand for?


Acronym Definition
SEBO Studiegewoontetest Einde Basis Onderwijs (Dutch: Study Habit End Test Basic Education)
SEBO Single Event Burn-Out
SEBO Systems Engineering Behavioral Objectives
SEBO System Experts Based Organization

How long does a SEBO vacuum last?

Who makes SEBO vacuums?

Is there a better vacuum than Miele?

Miele tends to specialize in corded, bagged vacuums with fantastic suction and quality. On the other hand, Dyson points towards more convenience with washable filters and bagless dust bins. All Dysons have great suction, but their cordless vacuums are among the most powerful in the world.