What airport code is LLW?

What airport code is LLW?

LLWKamuzu International Airport / Code

How long is Kamuzu International Airport runway?

3,391 metre long
Lilongwe International Airport ( LLW ), also called Kamuzu International Airport is an international airport serving to the city of Lilongwe in Malawi. Owned by Department of Civil Aviation, Lilongwe International Airport has a 3,391 metre long asphalt paved runway.

When was Kamuzu International Airport opened?

Kamuzu International Airport was opened in 1977 in Lumbadzi, Malawi. it is also commonly known as Lilongwe International Airport. The passenger traffic of the airport is around 0.3 million annually.

Where is the international airport in Malawi?

Kamuzu International Airport (LLW) Built in 1970, Kamuzu International is located 24.4 kilometers north of the capital city of Lilongwe and is the main airport for international traffic in and out of the country.

Does Mozambique have an airport?

Maputo International Airport (IATA: MPM, ICAO: FQMA), also known as Mavalane International Airport, formerly Lourenço Marques Airport (IATA: LUM), is an airport located 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) northwest of the center of Maputo, the largest city and capital of Mozambique.

How many airports are there in Addis Ababa?

For the 13 biggest airports in Ethiopia we provided further information. Alone at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport operate 24 airlines to and from 67 destinations….The 13 biggest airports in Ethiopia.

Name Arba Minch Airport
Airlines 1
Destinations 1

What is the capital of Malawi?

LilongweMalawi / Capital

Who is poor in Malawi?

61.7% of Malawi’s population are multidimensionally poor. The intensity of poverty is 54.6%, meaning that nationally poor people experience, on average, more than half of the weighted deprivations. The MPI, which is the product of the incidence and intensity of poverty, is 0.337.

Who named Malawi?

In 1953, it became a protectorate within the semi-independent Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The Federation was dissolved in 1963. In 1964, the protectorate was ended: Nyasaland became an independent country under Queen Elizabeth II, and was renamed Malawi. Two years later it became a republic.

Which airline flies to Mozambique?

The main airlines serving the Johannesburg to Mozambique route include LAM Mozambique Airlines, South African Airways, British Airways, and Kenya Airways. Direct flights from Johannesburg to Mozambique are now available.