What are silt traps used for?

What are silt traps used for?

A silt trap is a basin device that is set upstream of a soakaway crate and its purpose is to prevent any kind of silt, soil, sediment, metals or pesticides from entering your water storage system by containing water in the trap for some time and allowing these unwanted materials to settle to the bottom of the bucket …

How do you clean a silt pit?

Using a firm plastic bristle brush and a high pressure hose scrub the Fixed Secondary Filter and spray away any attached residue materials. Repeat this process to the Silt Trap Filter Bucket. Mild detergents may be used to remove stubborn or attached solids and scum.

What is a catch pit?

Catchpits are a precast concrete drainage product that are recommended for use as a filter and collector in land drainage systems that do not make use of any sort of geo-membrane. A Catchpit is essentially an empty chamber with an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe set at a level above the floor of the pit.

What is a silt drainage?

A silt trap is a method of preventing silt from entering and damaging a soakaway, attenuation or sewer system. These systems are designed to collect and remove surface water, either by emptying it into the sewer system, or by allowing it to drain back into the ground below.

What is silt sump?

What is a silt arrestor pit?

The range of Ecosol Silt Arrestors provide a purpose designed and built underground storage pit where water that is contaminated with suspended sediment. Suspended solids (silt and sediment) from surface run-off are conveyed to the Ecosol Silt Arrestor typically by a conventional drainage pipe.

What is silting pit?

The PT600 Silt Pit by Fox Enviro is a pre-manufactured shallow stormwater pit, combined with a silt basket. This is a complete stormwater silt trap unit ready to be concreted into the floor. It includes the grate and uni-seal (pipe seal) and has a treatable flow rate of 5L/sec.

Where would a silt trap be installed?

A silt trap is a ‘basin’-type device that is placed in the upstream of a soakaway crate. Its main job is to prevent any silt, soil, sediment, metals or pesticides (everything unwanted) from entering your water storage system.

What is a gully pit?

Gully. Sto A pit, usually of concrete or brick, where surface water can enter an underground drain.

What is a drainage pit for?

A pit that collects rainwater or excess water is called a stormwater or drainage pit. Usually drainage pit or Junction pit is made from plastic or concrete.