What are the radio stations in Kolkata?

What are the radio stations in Kolkata?

Radio stations in Kolkata

  • Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. From: 2001 | Bitrate: 36 Kbps.
  • Air Rainbow 107 FM. From: 1 February 1993 | Bitrate: 49 Kbps.
  • All India Radio Akashvani Maitree 594 MW. From: 2011 | Bitrate: 96 Kbps.
  • BIG 92.7 FM.
  • Radio Aamar FM 106.2 FM.
  • Air Gold 100.2 FM.
  • Red 93.5 FM.
  • Fever 104 FM.

What radio station is Indian songs?

Bollywood Radio Stations from United States

  • Bollywood radio and beyond.
  • Namaste Bollywood.
  • Radio Mirchi 1310 AM.
  • Masala Radio.
  • 106.1 HUM FM Radio.
  • Voice of Punjab Radio.
  • KSJO Bolly 92.3 FM.
  • WPRB-HD2 Radio Mirchi 103.3.

How many radio stations are there in Kolkata?

West Bengal radio stations by location

Frequency (mediumwave and shortwave in kHz, FM in MHz) Name
92.7 MHz Big 92.7 FM, Kolkata (Reliance Broadcast Service)
93.5 MHz Red FM, Kolkata (Digital Radio (Kolkata))
94.3 MHz Radio One, Kolkata (Next Radio Ltd)
98.3 MHz Radio Mirchi, Kolkata (Entertainment Network India Ltd)

Which radio channel is active?

Radio Active, (Frequency:90.4 MHz) is Bengaluru’s 12th radio station and first community radio station, launched on 25 June 2007, by Jain Group of Institutions.

Is there a Bollywood radio station?

Bollywood Radio: Originating in the U.S., Bollywood Radio is a non-stop online radio station dedicated to Indian music. It features musical programs and its team includes famous DJs from around the world.

How can I become a RJ?

Radio Jockey Courses

  1. Certificate Course in Announcing, Broadcasting, Comparing and Dubbing (ABCD)
  2. Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying (CRJ)
  3. Certificate Course in Radio Production Programme.
  4. Diploma in Radio Jockeying (DRJ)
  5. Diploma in Radio Management.
  6. Diploma in Radio Programming and Management (DRPM)

Is Red FM private?

The network broadcasts content in various Indian languages including Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. On 14 August 2009, Suryan FM 93.5 was rebranded to RED FM in 64 cities across India….Red FM 93.5.

Format Contemporary (Hindi,Regional), Countdown
Owner Sun Group•Kalanithi Maran

Which FM radio is best?

11 Best FM Radio In India

  1. Sony ICF-306 Portable AM FM Radio.
  2. Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0.
  3. Onix Melody Delux Portable Rechargeable Radio.
  4. Panasonic FM Radio Speaker Pocket Player – RF-50D.
  5. Pagaria Retro Portable Radio.
  6. Toshiba Portable Pocket Radio – TX-PR20.
  7. Amkette Pocket FM Multimedia Speaker.