What are the topics for Christmas?

What are the topics for Christmas?

10 Essential and Funny Topics to Discuss at Christmas

  • Learning New Skills.
  • Best Read Books.
  • Your Favourite Christmas Movies.
  • Last Year’s Christmas Gifts and Activities.
  • Christmas Holiday Memories.
  • Favourite Christmas Song.
  • New Friends.
  • Newly Visited Places & History.

What is the Christian name for Christmas?


Also called Noël, Nativity, Xmas
Observed by Christians, many non-Christians
Type Christian, cultural
Significance Commemoration of the nativity of Jesus

What do you do on Christmas as a Christian?

Praise and worship Jesus for who He is. Glorify God by celebrating Christmas traditions that are focused on Jesus Christ. Read the story of Jesus’s birth by yourself or with your family before you start the day.

How do I make a virtual Christmas program?

Here are 21 of our favorite activities for a virtual Christmas party.

  1. Host a holiday mixology party.
  2. Provide the food, gifts, and supplies.
  3. Host an online charity drive.
  4. Organize a secret Santa.
  5. Enjoy an online White Elephant.
  6. Host a holiday trivia showdown.
  7. Name that Christmas tune.
  8. Invite online carolers.

What are good holiday names?

40 Merry And Bright Holiday Baby Names

  • Holly.
  • Carol.
  • Star.
  • Bell.
  • Clara.
  • Eira.
  • Eve.
  • Faith.

What should I name my Christmas party?

Family-Friendly Christmas Party Theme Ideas

  • Christmas Carol-oke Night.
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.
  • Reindeer Games (game night)
  • Christmas in Vegas (game night)
  • Jingle & Mingle.
  • The 12 Tastes of Christmas (12 appetizers/treats/drinks)
  • Christmas Luau.
  • A White Christmas Party.

How do you celebrate Christmas spiritually?

How to Keep Christ in Christmas

  1. 10 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas.
  2. 1) Give God one very special gift just from you to him.
  3. 2) Set aside a special time to read the Christmas story in Luke 1:5-56 through 2:1-20.
  4. 3) Set up a Nativity scene in your home.
  5. 4) Plan a project of good will this Christmas.

How do you make a Christmas program?

How to Make a Great Christmas Party Program

  1. Start on time. Shock everyone by not following “Filipino time” and actually starting on time.
  2. Have two entertaining hosts.
  3. Have only one person give the opening remarks.
  4. Shock and awe them.
  5. Feed while entertaining them.
  6. Make it a recognition day of sorts.

How do you name a Christmas party?

Family-Friendly Christmas Party Theme Ideas

  1. Christmas Carol-oke Night.
  2. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.
  3. Reindeer Games (game night)
  4. Christmas in Vegas (game night)
  5. Jingle & Mingle.
  6. The 12 Tastes of Christmas (12 appetizers/treats/drinks)
  7. Christmas Luau.
  8. A White Christmas Party.