What do NJ Social Security numbers start with?

What do NJ Social Security numbers start with?

The chart below shows the first 3 digits of the social security numbers assigned throughout the United States and its possessions….WARNING.

SSN Area Number Location
035-039 Rhode Island
040-049 Connecticut
050-134 New York
135-158 New Jersey

How do I get a Social Security number on a jersey?

You’ll need:

  1. photographic ID (eg a passport, driving licence, or ID card)
  2. the date you arrived in Jersey.
  3. the name of your employer or the place where you are working (if you have found work)
  4. a safe address that we can write to you.
  5. fees for registering.

What do the first 3 numbers of your Social mean?

area number
All social security numbers start with three digits, then two in the middle, and finish with four numbers. The first three numbers are called the area number. The area number shows the region or state where a person was born, and was first adopted in 1936.

Does your Social Security number tell where you were born?

SSNs have never been assigned directly to note a person’s birthplace; before 1972, the number reflected the location of the office issuing the number, and since 1972, numbers have been assigned by the address written on the application.

How do I get a new Social Security card from Jersey?

They confirm a holder’s Social Security number and residential status and are required when starting a new job or moving home. To apply for a replacement card, customers need to activate a OneGov account. To do this, they will need to create a digital ID using the Government’s secure third-party provider, Yoti.

How do I get a jersey registration card?

You’ll need to register with Customer and Local Services where you can apply for your first registration card. Your details will also be shared with Social Security, the Taxes Office and Health and Social Services.

What do last 4 digits of social security number mean?

serial number
The last four digits of the SSN are the serial number. The serial number represents a straight numerical series of numbers from 0001–9999 within each group.

Are Social Security numbers based on state?

Since 1972, the Social Security Administration has been issuing SSN’s centrally from its headquarters in Baltimore. The area code now indicates the person’s State of residence as shown on the SSN application. There are several exceptions to these rules.

How do you contact local SSA office?

Contact your local SSA office in person or in writing. You can get the address of your local SSA office by plugging in your zip code at the Office Locator link or by calling 800‐772‐1213 (TTY 800‐325‐0778). Write to the national office of the SSA. You can find the office’s address, phone number, and its hours of operation. Making an

Where is my nearest Social Security Office?

To find the closest social security office to you, visit the Social Security Office Locator online. Put in your zip code and the website will bring up the Social Security office closest to you. Consider trying both your home and work addresses, too. There may be an office that is more conveniently located to one of those places.

Why is SSI calling me?

They may also call you to check any differences between your answers on the application and information they receive from other Federal agencies about your income or resources. When SSA calls you for more information, they should never ask you for bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or life insurance policy numbers.

Where is the nearest Social Security Office located?

Using our social security office locator you can simply type in a zip code and we’ll find the 3 closest office locations for you with the information you’ll need like address, hours and directions.