What does a spindle shaper do?

What does a spindle shaper do?

A wood shaper, usually just shaper in North America or spindle moulder in the UK and Europe, is a stationary woodworking machine in which a vertically oriented spindle drives cutter heads to mill profiles on wood stock. The wood being fed into a moulder is commonly referred to as either stock or blanks.

What is the difference between a router and a shaper?

The biggest difference between the two is the type of cutter they use and how they are powered. Router tables use router bits that have a shank permanently attached to the cutter and a router mounted under the table. Shapers have a spindle that accepts a cutter head that slides onto the spindle.

What is the difference between a moulder and a shaper?

The major limitation of the molder is that it’s only capable of forming profiles in a straight line since all stock must be guided with the rip fence in place. The strong suit of the shaper, on the other hand, is that the table is perpendicular to the cutter.

What is a delta wood shaper?

Description. DELTA® Industrial shapers feature a spindle, housing, motor, raising and lowering mechanism that is a single self-contained unit, securely assembled to the underside of the table for absolute 90° spindle-to-table alignment: 43-455 has a 5HP, 230V, 1PH TEFC motor; 43-460 a 5HP, 200-230/460V, 1PH motor.

Can a shaper replace a router table?

1.) Yes, a shaper performs all of the same functions as a router mounted in a table. One thing a shaper does that a router does not, is have the ability to spin a bit in both directions.

What is a shaper good for?

For those woodworkers for whom a molded edge, a contoured decorative curve, is the difference between a proper job and an unfinished appearance, the shaper can be an invaluable tool. A shaper not only cuts ornamental edges on straight stock for drawer fronts, picture frames, and panels, but also edges curved stock.

Can a shaper do everything a router can do?

Shapers are router tables on steroids. They do everything a router table can do and a whole lot more. Most shapers will come with a few different sizes of spindles, and collets for router bits are also available.

Can a shaper be used as a jointer?

From contributor N: A shaper is basically a vertical jointer. The difference is the split fence on most shapers is not nearly as accurate as the tables on a jointer. You can get good results by making a straight fence out of MDF and adding a strip of plastic laminate to the outfeed side of the fence for your offset.

What can you make with a spindle moulder?

Using a Spindle Moulder Spindle moulders are generally used for printing profiles on wood. You might also use one for trimming or shaping your woodwork. Some models of this machine can be used during the tenoning process to create joints.

What are shapers used for?

How much does a wood shaper weigh?

The table opening size can be varied, as needed, by removing special table insert rings. With a table height of 34 inches, this shaper weighs 456 pounds.