What does implicate meaning mean?

What does implicate meaning mean?

Definition of implicate transitive verb. 1a : to bring into intimate or incriminating connection evidence that implicates him in the bombing. b : to involve in the nature or operation of something. 2 : to involve as a consequence, corollary, or natural inference : imply. 3 archaic : to fold or twist together : entwine.

What is an example of implicate?

The verb implicate means “to connect or involve in something.” For example, your cousins might implicate you in the planning of a big party for your grandparents.

What is the synonym of implicate?

incriminate, compromise. involve, connect, embroil, enmesh, ensnare. expose. archaic inculpate.

How do you use the word implicate?

Implicate sentence example

  1. The knife was left up there to implicate me.
  2. Maybe it was left up there to implicate you, but there’s a good chance it was just plain dropped by accident.

Is implicate a negative word?

Someone who is implicated in something is shown to be somehow involved in it. The word is often used in a negative sense, suggesting an involvement in something wrong, with the person being implicated by the facts of the case.

What does self implicate mean?

noun. the act of incriminating oneself or exposing oneself to prosecution, especially by giving evidence or testimony.

How do you use implication in a sentence?

I’m offended by his implication that women can’t be good at mathematics. He condemned the court and, by implication, the entire legal system. He was shocked by the implication of his partner in the theft.

Which of the following is an antonym for the word implicate?

What is the opposite of implicate?

absolve acquit
eliminate exclude
exculpate clear
conceal defend
disconnect divide

Who is implicated?

Does implication mean good or bad?

You might ask, “What are the implications of our decision?” Implication is also the state of being implicated, or connected to something bad: “Are you surprised by their implication that you were involved in the crime?”

What is the verb of implication?

imply. (transitive, of a proposition) to have as a necessary consequence. (transitive, of a person) to suggest by logical inference. (transitive, of a person or proposition) to hint; to insinuate; to suggest tacitly and avoid a direct statement.

What is self implication?

Noun. The action of accusing oneself, stemming from feelings of guilt. self-accusation.