What does Mbai mean?

What does Mbai mean?


Acronym Definition
MBAI Master of Business Administration International

What is Mbai Protek?

MBAI Protek is the basic membership insurance plan for AFPMBAI members approved by the Insurance Commission in September 2018.

What is AFP MBA P?

AFPMBAI is an organized mutual benefit association that provides security, protection and meaningful financial solutions for the uniformed services of the Philippines and their families.

What is Sgti PNP?

Special Group Term Insurance (SGTI) Mandatory for all Uniformed PNP Personnel This mandatory insurance plan was intended to provide financial amelioration for dependents of uniformed personnel of public safety agencies who get killed while still in active service.

How can I get loan from Afpslai?


  1. Filled-up Loan Application Form and Promissory Note.
  2. One (1) 1×1 latest ID picture.
  3. Service ID/Pensioner ID and AFPSLAI ID.
  4. Marriage Contract (if married)
  5. Certificate True Copy of Tax Declarations of Collateral.

What is the meaning of Afpslai?

Armed Forces and Police Savings and Loans Association, Inc.

What are the benefits of Psmbfi?


Description Percentage of Basic Life
Any other injury causing permanent total disablement 100%
Loss of arm at or above elbow 70%
Loss of arm between elbow and wrist 60%
Loss of one hand 60%

What is Psmbfi e56?

The Endowment at 56 (E-56) is an insurance and savings plan which allows members to save up for retirement and at the same time be protected with a life insurance coverage. This product helps the member with his expenses after retirement at age 56, prior to his receipt of his monthly pension.

How much is interest in AFPSLAI?

Earns interest at 3% per annum, TAX FREE! Minimum maintaining balance is ₱100 and has no maximum limit. Interest is computed based on Average Daily Balance (ADB) and posted at the end of every quarter. Regular and Associate Members maintaining joint accounts can apply for Survivorship Agreement.

What is the rate of interest in AFPSLAI?

Interest earned shall be posted semi-annually. Principal and remaining interest shall be posted to SD-02 account upon maturity. Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) to be shouldered by AFPSLAI….OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

At least half of the term 50% of the interest rate.
Less than half of the year 25% of the interest rate.

How much is the interest in AFPSLAI?

Who can apply for AFPSLAI?

ELIGIBILITY: All Regular and Associate Members in good credit standing, except corporate members, who are the registered owners (or one of the partners, as the case may be) of the business for which the loan proceeds are to be used.

What is an MBA loan?

MBA loans are a type of student loan designed for borrowers looking to earn a Master of Business Administration degree. Borrowers should typically start their search with federal student loans, which come with one fixed interest rate for all borrowers, plus perks like income-driven repayment plans.

What are the requirements to apply for an AFPMBAI loan?

The borrower must have an active Permanent Insurance Plan and/ or E56 with AFPMBAI which is in forced for at least 1 month at the time of application. The borrower must have a good credit record as determined by any credit bureau/facility. All his/her accounts should be current and have NO ARREARS.

Which student loans are available for International MBA students?

Many lenders — including College Ave, Sallie Mae and Citizens — offer MBA student loans to international students who have an eligible co-signer. Without a co-signer, choices for international MBA students are limited. NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team.

What is the best bank to borrow for an MBA?

Best for multiyear loans: Citizens Bank Overview: Citizens Bank lets you borrow up to $225,000 for your MBA. Repayment terms can last for up to 15 years, you can choose to make interest-only payments while you’re still in school or defer payments until after you graduate.