What does PCRF in LTE mean?

What does PCRF in LTE mean?

Policy and Charging Rules Function
Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) is a node which functions in real-time to determine policy rules in a multimedia network. As a policy tool, the PCRF plays a central role in next-generation networks/LTE.

What is PCRF control data?

The PCRF stipulates network control regarding the service data flow detection; gating, QoS and flow based charging (except credit management) towards the PCEF. PCRF receives session and media related information from the application function and informs application function for data traffic.

What does the PCRF do?

The PCRF is the part of the network architecture that aggregates information to and from the network, operational support systems, and other sources (such as portals) in real time, supporting the creation of rules and then automatically making policy decisions for each subscriber active on the network.

What is PCRF and OCS?

dsTest supports the Diameter Sy interface on both the (client) Policy Charging and Rules Function (PCRF) and the (server) Online Charging System (OCS) in 3GPP LTE networks. Determine the impact of the transfer of information relating to subscriber spending on your PCRF or OCS.

What is 5G PCRF?

Policy and Charging Rules Function [PCRF] assists service data flow detection, policy enforcement, and flow-based charging. PCRF allows next generation communications service providers [CSPs] to provide diverse use cases as a complete solution.

What is PCRF on electric bill?

Power Cost Recovery Factor. Billing & Payment / PCRF. PCRF stands for Power Cost Recovery Factor. It’s an adjustment to your bill based on our wholesale cost of power. To calculate your PCRF charge, we multiply the factor by the amount of kilowatt hours you used during the billing cycle.

What is 5g PCRF?

What is the interface between PGW and PCRF?

Interface between the PGW and the Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF). In particular, this is the interface between the Policy Control Enforcement Function (PCEF) or the PGW and the PCRF. Operational and maintenance interface, used to manage the device. Interface between the PGW and any packet data network.

What is the difference between PCRF and PCF?

Cisco PCF is an evolution from Cisco Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) on the existing Cisco Policy Suite Cloud Native Docker container-based platform. In the 5G network, PCF has the following features and functions: Support 5G QoS policy and charging control functions and the related 5G signaling interfaces.

What is policy control function in 5G?

The Policy Control function is related to the 3GPP 5G Architecture. This function supports the unified policy framework that governs network behaviour. In so doing, it provides policy rules to control plane function(s) to enforce them.

What is SGW and PGW in LTE?

MME stands for Mobility Management Entity, PGW stands for PDN gateway and SGW stands for Serving Gateway. The figure depicts LTE EPS architecture. In the figure, UE refers to User Equipment. It is the mobile phone device used to access the LTE network.

What is PCF in telecom?

Oracle Communications Cloud Native Core, Policy Control Function (PCF) helps operators to easily create and seamlessly deploy policies in a 5G network.