What does WX-78 do?

What does WX-78 do?

WX-78 makes a unique creaking noise as they walk. Although they take damage from Wetness, WX-78 can eat watery foods such as Pomegranates, Meaty Stew, or even Watermelons without being harmed. WX-78 is one of the original four Characters that were available during the closed Beta of DST.

How do I make my WX-78 sanity go up?

WX-78 can upgrade with Gears by eating them, increasing their maximum Health, Hunger and Sanity each time, up to 15 times. The exact amount isn’t always the same, as it’s sometimes rounded up.

What is WX-78 max stats?

WX-78 is the fourth playable Character unlockable via Experience, with 960 XP. It is a self-sustaining automaton that hates all living matter. WX-78’s Health, Hunger, and Sanity are all set to a maximum of 100 points, but it’s able to eat Gears to upgrade these stats to 400, 200, and 300, respectively.

How do you get struck by lightning as a WX?

If you are trying to be struck by Lightning as WX-78, make sure that you are not near a Lightning Rod or wearing the Eyebrella as both will absorb the Lightning Strike. If there is no Lightning Rod in a base and WX-78 is around, WX-78 will act as the Lightning Rod, absorbing the majority of the Lightning Strikes.

Can Webber tame spider queen?

Spiders and Spider Queens will be neutral to Webber. Webber doesn’t lose sanity while being near spiders. Note that feeding unfriendly spiders inside your inventory will not befriend them. Switcher doodles also befriend spiders immediately without having to feed them.

Can Maxwell read Wickerbottoms books?

WICKERBOTTOM’S BOOKS. Wickerbottom is the only character in Don’t Starve who can craft books, though Maxwell and Wurt can also read them.

Why is Wickerbottom so good?

As mentioned before, Wickerbottom doesn’t need a science machine and from the start of the game can craft items that other characters can’t. This is fabulous. The best things to come out of this ability are the backpack and the spear. You automatically have access to a weapon and a way to expand your inventory.

How do you stop Lightning in don’t starve?

Wearing any piece of insulated clothing will prevent damage from lightning or electricity. In RoG, Volt Goats will attract lightning strikes in the same manner as Lightning Rods.