What happened at the Glencoe Massacre?

What happened at the Glencoe Massacre?

More than 100 of Argyll’s soldiers, who had been quartered amicably upon the MacDonalds for more than a week, suddenly attacked them. Many of the clan escaped, but the chief, 33 other men, 2 women, and 2 children were killed.

How many Mcdonalds were killed at Glencoe?

Campbell of Glenlyon led a group of some 128 soldiers who stayed with the MacDonalds for some 12 days and then turned on their hosts in the early morning of 13th February, killing 38 of them whilst some tried to escape into the snowy hills.

What did the Campbells do to the Mcdonald’s?

The Earl of Argyll’s regiment, led by Campbells, were the guests of the Mcdonalds, and proceeded to slaughter 38 of their hosts — men, women and children. ‘Och, it’s something that most people have forgotten really.

How long should I spend in Glencoe?

If you intend to go walking, Glencoe’s worth a couple of days, otherwise maybe a single day – which gives enough time to see the mountains and Rannoch moor, and maybe take the Glen Etive Road.

What is the significance of Glen Coe?

Glen Coe is regarded as the home of Scottish mountaineering and is popular with hillwalkers and climbers. On the 13 February 1692, in the aftermath of the Jacobite uprising of 1689, an incident known as the Massacre of Glencoe took place in the glen.

What is the relative location of Glen Coe?

/  56.66778°N 4.98667°W  / 56.66778; -4.98667 Glen Coe ( Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Comhann pronounced [klan̪ˠˈkʰo.ən̪ˠ]) is a glen of volcanic origins, in the Highlands of Scotland.

What is the Glen Coe National Scenic Area?

Glen Coe is also designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and the south side of the glen falls within the Glen Etive and Glen Fyne Special Protection Area (SPA). The area falls within the Ben Nevis and Glen Coe national scenic area.