What is a arbitrary in writing?

What is a arbitrary in writing?

based on whim or personal preference, without reason or pattern; random: This is an unusual encyclopedia, arranged by topics in a more or less arbitrary order.

How do you use latent in a sentence?

LATENT in a Sentence

  1. 1 The sight made him unhappy, and his unhappiness roused his latent fears.
  2. 2 The case was so serious that it called forth all of Ethan’s latent resolution.
  3. 3 He met her eyes with the latent sweetness of his.

Is arbitrary a bad word?

Calling a decision-maker arbitrary is usually a negative thing, suggesting the person is making rules based on whim rather than justice.

What is an arbitrary example?

Arbitrary is defined as something that is determined by judgment or whim and not for any specific reason or rule. An example of an arbitrary decision would be a decision to go to the beach, just because you feel like it.

What is an arbitrary question?

adj. 1 founded on or subject to personal whims, prejudices, etc.; capricious. 2 having only relative application or relevance; not absolute.

What is an example of arbitrary language?

Examples: cuckoo (English), cuco (Spanish), kakukk (Hungarian), kuckuck (German), etc. There is only a small group of onomatopoeic words in the vocabulary of any language. The majority of words in all languages is arbitrary.

What is mean by latent?

Adjective. latent, dormant, quiescent, potential mean not now showing signs of activity or existence. latent applies to a power or quality that has not yet come forth but may emerge and develop. a latent desire for success dormant suggests the inactivity of something (such as a feeling or power) as though sleeping.

How do you use mere in a sentence?

Mere sentence example

  1. You have a great deal of freedom for a mere slave.
  2. The mere thought filled me with terror.
  3. He was amused and she fumed, her emotions scattered by his mere presence.
  4. Really, why do you all think we mere mortals are all idiots?

Are morals arbitrary?

Moral theories are indeed arbitrary, in that there is no observable, universally correct morality in the universe. There is no factual, objective answer to whether stealing is morally “incorrect”, et cetera. Moral theories are not arbitrary, however, once one takes into account preferred outcomes.

What are some arbitrary words?

Full list of words from this list:

  • nadir. the lowest point of anything.
  • nescience. ignorance (especially of orthodox beliefs)
  • inane. devoid of intelligence.
  • unfounded. without a basis in reason or fact.
  • deter. try to prevent; show opposition to.
  • oddity. eccentricity that is not easily explained.
  • pivotal.
  • galvanize.

Is language arbitrary answer in complete sentences?

Answer in complete sentences. Language is arbitrary because there is no system to language, everyone speaks and means what they talk about in their own way.