What is a Pisaj?

What is a Pisaj?

They are one of the spirits from the Hindu-Buddhist tradition in Thailand and are represented as well in some paintings of Buddhist temples. Pisaj or Khon Phi Pisat (คน ผี ปีศาจ) is a movie of Thai cinema based on a Pishacha story.

Who is Vedalam in mythology?

In Hindu folklore, the vetala is an evil spirit who haunts cemeteries and takes demonic possession of corpses. They make their displeasure known by troubling humans. They can drive people mad, kill children, and cause miscarriages, but also guard villages.

What is a vitala?

According to Ichabod Crane, a Vitala is an undead human being of Hindu lore that serves Kali, Goddess of death and regeneration. The Vitala was first mentioned in the episode Kali Yuga in the persona of Carmilla Pines, the godmother of Nick Hawley.

Who is vetal Dev?

Vetal is king of ghosts. The konkan desh is ruled by Vetal and his ghosts. He is worshipped for protection from ghosts. Konkan area is believed to be overpopulated by ghosts and demons.

Who was Yakshini?

Yakshinis (यक्षिणी Sanskrit: yakṣiṇī or yakṣī; Pali: yakkhiṇī or yakkhī) a class of nature spirits in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religious mythologies that are different from devas (gods), asuras (demons), and gandharvas or apsaras (celestial nymphs).

What is the difference between Bhoot and Pishach?

pishachs are male blood sucker evil supernatural spirits, like vampires which are romanian male bloodsucker spirits. bhoot(male) or bhootni(female) are ghosts.

Is Betaal a God?

Betal is a deity of the indigenous Hindu people of India. Betal the god of the roaring storm, is usually portrayed as a fierce, destructive deity. Many stories and folklore about the valor and wisdom of Vetala are passed down through generations of local people who worshiped this deity.

What is Maharloka?

In yogic and Hindu philosophy, mahar loka describes the fourth highest heavenly realm, or plane of consciousness. The term derives from the Sanskrit word mahas, which means “power,” “greatness,” “glory” and “might.” Loka translates as “world,” “realm” or “plane of existence.”

Who is Betal God?

What is an Asura in Hinduism?

asura, (Sanskrit: “divine”) Iranian ahura, in Hindu mythology, class of beings defined by their opposition to the devas or suras (gods). The term asura appears first in the Vedas, a collection of poems and hymns composed 1500–1200 bce, and refers to a human or divine leader.