What is a Primus key?

What is a Primus key?

About Primus Keys Schlage Primus is a unique, patented type of key that features additional side “cuts” or “millings” that make the lock extremely difficult to manipulate and open. These side cuts work in conjunction with a “side bar” located inside the Schlage Primus lock cylinder.

What type of key is Schlage?

2. Schlage Keyway Types. Schlage uses CNC milling complex keyway shapes to mechanically prevent some non-OEM keys from entering or operating a lock. Schlage keyway types including Primus/Primus XP, Everest, Obverse, Reverse, Numbered or Paracentric, and Quad.

What is Schlage keyway?

For example, a Schlage “C” keyway is an open keyway that is available from many key and lock distributors. However, a Schlage “S123” keyway is available from only Schlage approved locations. While S123 is still an open keyway, it is only available from certain distributors.

What is an obverse keyway?

• Schlage pin tumbler keyways which existed before Everest patented keyways • Obverse is the name of the open family of keyways (C, E, etc.) Cylinder.

What are Schlage keys used for?

Like many lock manufacturers, Schlage uses milled complex keyway shapes to mechanically prevent some non-OEM keys from entering or operating a lock.

Can Schlage keys be copied?

According to Schlage, you have to get permission to copy key due to patent.

How many different key ways are there?

Or vice versa. Just to be clear, there at least 1000 different keyways in use at this moment in history. And those are just the mass-produced examples. Of course, there are examples of lock manufacturers making replaceable tumblers.

How do I identify my Schlage keyway?

The SC stands for “Schlage,” and the KW stands for “Kwikset” – two common lock manufacturers. Stone Harbor door locks are available with both of these keyways. The easiest way to determine which type of keyway you have is to look at the shape of the key.

What is Schlage Everest?

Schlage Everest locks are based on a family of patent-controlled keyways distinguished by a small vertical ward pointing downward at the lower left. A secondary locking mechanism attempts to block the lock from operating without a correct Everest key inserted in the lock, even when the pins are at the shear line.

What’s the purpose of a killer key?

The Killer Key can instantly and permanently disable a lock. Once inserted into a lock it can not be removed, making it impossible to unlock the door. The door can still be opened from the inside, so no one can be locked in, only locked out. The only way in is to drill the lock.

How many different Schlage keys are there?

30,000 different keys
Take Schlage for example. The company manufactures 30,000 different keys. A spokesperson for Schlage says they constantly rotate the thousands of key codes they ship to retailers.

What is the meaning of Schlage?

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