What is an example of stimulus discrimination?

What is an example of stimulus discrimination?

Only ordering a dish at one restaurant because you know that other restaurants don’t offer that same menu item is an example of stimulus discrimination.

What is stimulus stimulus generalization discrimination?

Stimulus generalization occurs when a stimulus that is similar to an already-conditioned stimulus begins to produce the same response as the original stimulus does. Stimulus discrimination occurs when the organism learns to differentiate between the CS and other similar stimuli.

Which is the best example of a discriminative stimulus?

Discriminative Stimulus Examples

  • When a child asks for a candy, she always gets one during grandma’s visit, but not in her absence.
  • When the traffic light turns green, drivers keep their car going forward, but not when the light turns red.
  • When a manager is present, the employees work faster than when she’s not present.

What best defines a discriminative stimulus?

A discriminative stimulus is the antecedent stimulus that has stimulus control over behavior because the behavior was reliably reinforced in the presence of that stimulus in the past. Discriminative stimuli set the occasion for behaviors that have been reinforced in their presence in the past.

Which of the following is an example of stimulus discrimination quizlet?

What is an example of Stimulus Discrimination? “The dog salivates in the presence of the 2,000-Hz tone, but not in the presence of a 1,900-Hz tone. You just studied 70 terms!

What is stimulus discrimination quizlet?

Stimulus Discrimination. A behavior results in one consequence in a particular setting and another consequence in other settings. Stimulus Generalization. The occurrence of an established behavior under novel stimulus conditions (such as a new setting) Response Maintenance.

What type of learning is stimulus discrimination?

When an organism learns to respond differently to various stimuli that are similar, it is called stimulus discrimination. In classical conditioning terms, the organism demonstrates the conditioned response only to the conditioned stimulus.

How is a discriminative stimulus learned?

ABA therapists may use an approach called the ABCs to learn the antecedent (or discriminative) stimulus, an autistic client’s behavioral response, and the consequences. They will then either find a new antecedent or reward a different behavioral response to a previous discriminative stimulus.

What is Taxi give example?

A negative taxis is when the organism or a cell moves away from the source of stimulation (repulsion). Taxis is also different from tropism, which is an involuntary orienting response; positive or negative reaction to a stimulus source. There are many types of taxis identified: aerotaxis.

What are some examples of taxis in animals?

Another common type of taxis is phototaxis, which is movement is response to a light stimulus. Moths are showing positive phototaxis when they move towards a light source. On the contrary, cockroaches that scuttle away when the light is turned on are being negatively phototactic.

Why is discriminative stimulus important?

Benefits of Discriminative Stimulus Discriminative stimulus uses positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors in kids as a tool for learning. Kids can learn social and communication skills with discriminative stimuli. Furthermore, you can also modify certain behaviors by applying a discriminative stimulus.